Name Sean O'Hara
Age 52 (at time of death)
Date of
February 13th, 1962
Gender Male
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Last Orders (Alive)
The Stand (Corpse)
Profession Unemployed (pre-apocalypse)
Family MaryAnn O'Hara (Ex-Wife)
Patrick O'Hara (Son)
Annette (Girlfriend, deceased)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Bitten by zombie.
Put down by Jai Patil.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Not So Sleepy Hollow to
Last Orders
Look, buddy, I ain’t a model man. In fact, when ya get to know me I ain’t much to know at all. I had a wife and a kid. I thought I was the luckiest fella in the world. I always thought God’d short-changed me in the looks department but I married a beautiful woman and I had a kid I was proud of. But… it was the drinking.

Sean O'Hara to Jai Patil about his life story and how his alcoholism cost him his family.

Sean O'Hara is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is often seen as a character who brings rare comic relief to contrast against the dark tone of the series, but it's quickly established that he has personal demons and a tragic past of his own.


It's presumed because of his accent that Sean was born in Ireland and grew up there, but he said that he has spent most of his life in Winterhodge Hollow. He married a woman called Mary Ann and together they had a son called Patrick.

At some point during his life, Sean became dependent on alcohol and spent most of his spare time at The Acorn. Eventually, it took over his life so much that MaryAnn gave him an ultimatum: stop drinking or lose her. He thought she was unreasonable and saw it as her trying to clip his wings and stop him having fun. He refused to stop attending The Acorn and as a result, MaryAnn stuck to her word and took a nine-year-old Patrick and left, leaving Sean alone. He never saw them again.

Sean has also mentioned that he was once in the army. When or how long for is unknown.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

As the zombie outbreak affected and overtook Winterhodge Hollow, Sean took refuge in The Acorn with the other locals. It was eventually overrun and only Sean made it out. He eventually came across firefighter Peter Thompson and he saves him from a group of undead. Peter thanks Sean for saving his life and requests help in looking for his missing son, Milo. Sean agrees to help. The two are chased by the undead and take refuge in the library. They step inside and find another group of survivors.

Fight For SurvivalEdit

Sean and Peter meet Ollie Graham, the leader of the group. He introduces them to Aimi Kato and Henry and Karen Jones and their dog Ben. Sean asks if there's any alcohol and Karen reminds him it's a library. They eventually sit down and share stories, where Peter talks about his missing son. Shortly after, Sean and Peter meet the reminder of the group, who were on the roof. Shiro, Aimi's brother, is hostile to Peter and Sean's presence and says they should have been left outside. The following day, Henry comes up with a plan. Sean kicks off the escape by going up to the roof and shooting zombies as the other survivors run for Peter's house in packs. Peter, Ollie, Aimi, and Georgie are the last to leave. As Sean arrives downstairs, Ollie is grabbed, swarmed and feasted on by the undead. They're forced to leave him and flee to Peter's house.

When they arrive, they break the news to the others that Ollie is dead. Sean accompanies Georgie as she finds Milo, alive and well, in the tree-house. Peter and his wife Lorna are overwhelmed to have their son back. The happiness is short lived when Joyce Evans, Peter's neighbour, reveals she was bitten. Shiro aims his gun at Joyce. Lorna snatches Peter's gun and points it at Shiro.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

Peter manages to defuse the tension between Lorna and Shiro and it's made clear that Joyce will be staying and be cared for as her health deteriorates. During the night, as most of the group rest, Sean sits at the dining table with Jai and offers him a drink, but he declines. Sean asks Jai about Ollie and finds out that they were the original members of the group. Sean remarks that Ollie's death was sad and that he seemed like a good man. While Peter and Shiro accompany Aimi back to the library to find out if Ollie turned, Sean helps Henry burn the bodies of the undead that were lying outside the Thompson house.

At the end of the episode, Jai and Sean are standing over Joyce's body as Peter and Lorna enter the bedroom. They step outside to give them privacy as Lorna stabs Joyce in the brain to prevent reanimation.

The AcornEdit

Sometime after Joyce's passing, Sean spots his old drinking buddy Jimmy Doyle's zombified corpse and shoots him dead. Shiro comes outside and scolds him for using a gun when it was just one zombie. Sean mutters to himself that if Shiro ever turns, he wants first dibs. That evening, Sean and the others attend the funeral of Ollie and Joyce and her husband Gilbert. Sean speaks about the couple. Peter and Lorna are touched by his tribute, until he remarks that if he was a few decades older, he would have found Joyce attractive.

The survivors then into Joyce's big house for the night. Whilst everyone else is sleeping, Sean sits alone downstairs, drinking. He is joined by Jai. The two talk for a while, where Jai confides in Sean about his wife and daughter who died when the undead outbreak took hold in his town. Sean apologises for Jai's loss. Sean then makes a decision to go to his local pub, The Acorn, for one final drink. Jai tries to convince him otherwise, but Sean is determined. Jai decides to go with him. When they arrive, they find it to be deserted. As he goes downstairs to fetch a barrel of the "strong stuff," he is approached and attacked from behind by a zombie who was formally Ed, the pub's landlord. Sean manages to fight him off and kill him. He then goes upstairs and toasts to the group's continued survival.

After some persuasion, Sean opens up to Jai about his drinking and how he drove MaryAnn and Patrick away. Jai tells Sean he's sorry, but Sean reminds him he brought it on himself. Sean looks around the pub and remarks it isn't so cherry anymore. Jai tells Sean the place isn't what he came back for, which Sean agrees with. The two then decide to leave. As they exit, they see a large group of undead passing by. Sean lures them into the pub as Jai goes down to the cellar to fetch alcohol. It's then shown that Sean used the booze to set the pub, and the zombies, on fire, allowing he and Jai to escape from around the back. The two men watch as the pub burns and Jai tells Sean that all is not lost and he might see his family again one day. Sean says he doubts it, but thanks Jai anyway.

Running From The DeadEdit

Despite the initial plan to stay at Joyce's house for just one night, the group lie low there for a few days. Setting fire to The Acorn attracted dozens of the undead to Winterhodge Hollow, so Sean joins Peter, Aimi, Shiro, and Henry fighting a large group of them away from Joyce's house. After they finish clearing the horde, they return inside, where Shiro angrily blames Sean for ruining their chances of staying in the town permanently. Henry and the others point out that they needed to head into the countryside long before now anyway. The decision is then made to clear out and head on the road that same afternoon. Later, Jai fetches a drunk Sean from the kitchen as the group get ready to leave. Sean tells Jai that Winterhodge is a good place and that he'll miss it. Sean passes out in the back of the truck as the group begin their journey.

That night, the survivors stop in a clearing in the woods to rest. Sean joins Aimi on watch, where they talk about Ollie. Later the next day, the group move out again where Sean sits in a car alongside Joy, Peter, Beatrice, and Georgie. The survivors run into trouble when they drive into a group of undead. The truck driven by Lorna is surrounded and they only manage to get away when Karen sacrifices herself to distract the zombies and protect Milo. Joy, who is driving, drives away in a different direction than Lorna's, but they assume she will meet them there as she knows the location of where the group are headed. However, she, Milo and Henry fail to show up at camp.


There is still no sign of Lorna, Milo, or Henry a day after they disappeared. Peter goes off searching and Sean chases after him and tries to persuade him to stay put. Peter refuses and is insistent and he rejects Sean's offer of joining him and decides to go alone. The group later have a discussion about Peter leaving and when he doesn't come back, Sean and the others begin to get worried.

Into The CityEdit

With Peter still absent the day after he left, the survivors continue on as normal without him. Sean watches in amusement as Beatrice refuses to let Georgie out of her sight. Peter later returns and Sean and the others are happy to see him alive. Alongside him is Charlotte Layton, a woman who saved him out in the open. Peter then reveals that he is going into the city of Summerlyn to look for Lorna and Milo. Sean offers to go with him, but Peter declines as he needs Sean to stay behind at camp in case something happens. Peter, Shiro, and Charlotte leave camp to head into the city.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

When Peter, Shiro and Charlotte aren't back by the following day, the camp once again are left worrying. Shiro eventually returns and reveals that they were taken hostage by a madman called Eli Loche, but he managed to escape. He is insistent on going back to save the others and Sean and Aimi are in agreement and decide to go with him. When they arrive at the place where Shiro was held hostage, they find the cells and the building empty. Sean, who is sitting in the back of the truck, yells out when he spots a horde of zombies coming right at him. He begins to fight them off but Shiro is unable to get the car started. Sean panics and screams for Shiro to get it going and when he finally does, Sean mutters a derogatory comment about Asian drivers.


After escaping a horde of undead again, Sean, Shiro, and Aimi find the building where Peter is and manage to get inside, inadvertently causing the zombies to follow suit. They eventually find Charlotte and Bobby de Luca, who inform them that Peter is in the penthouse confronting Eli with a man called Javier. Bobby runs up to fetch Peter as Sean and the others face the undead head on. Peter eventually joins them alongside a wounded Javier, Bobby's older sister Angie, and four of her friends Alexis Norton, Victoria Franklin, Jack Lucas, and Maddison Collins. Victoria, who owned the penthouse and lived in the building, tells the group about a back exit, where they head, but Maddison is killed by the undead in the chaos.

Upon discovering that both exits are impassable, the group take a minute to figure out a plan. Eli inadvertently runs into the group and when he flees, Alexis and Jack go after him. Victoria tells Sean and the others about a fire exit, which they all then use to escape the overrun building. The survivors prepare to head back to camp in woods close to the city. Sean manages to stop Javier's bleeding. Shortly after, they are found by Alexis, who informs them of Jack's death. Peter agrees when Angie asks if she and Bobby can join their group at their camp and he also tells Victoria that she would be welcome, but she declines and decides to stay in the city with Alexis. The two then walk away as Sean and the others load into the truck and leave Summerlyn.

Mi FamiliaEdit

A week on from the antics in Summerlyn, the group meet to discuss Georgie, who disappeared some hours earlier. It's eventually decided that Joy will lead a group consisting of Angie, Aimi, Charlotte, to find her. Later that night, Sean joins Peter, Beatrice, Jai, Javier, Shiro, and Bobby around the campfire as they discuss Javier's past and speculate on how Joy and the other ladies are doing.

The following morning, Sean and the others are given the news that Georgie is diabetic and has run out of medicine. Everybody but Javier, Beatrice, and an unconscious Georgie, leaves for Summerlyn City to find some medicine, unaware that a massive horde of undead is making its way to the city.

Safe and SoundEdit

At the hospital, Sean, who has been left on watch, grows frustrated as he waits for the others. He remains unaware that a horde of zombies are making their way down a road nearby. He spots them and panics but reassures himself that as they're being silent, the zombies will continue on their way. Unfortunately for him, a gunshot goes off inside. Sean screams as the undead begin to make their way straight for them. Charlotte approaches Sean, who prepares himself for a fight as the zombies draw closer. She scouts ahead through the woods to check how many corpses there are. Just then, Aimi rushes out to Sean, who is busy fighting off the undead. She goes to prepare the cars. Upon arriving outside, Peter, Jai, and Shiro help Sean.

Sean and the others return to camp with Georgie's medicine. Sean notices something is wrong with Aimi, who is staring absentmindedly over the lake. He asks if she's all right and she tells she doesn't want to talk. He reminds her that the world is a lonely place, now more so than ever. He leaves her be but assures her he's there should she need him.


A few days on from the previous episode, flirting between Angie and Javier doesn't go unnoticed by Bobby who expresses his disdain to Sean. Sean is later present when Victoria turns up at camp and informs the group about Alexis's recent behaviour. After she leaves, Sean and others speculate on whether she can be trusted.

The Olive BranchEdit

The following morning, Sean and the other survivors are in shock when Eli enters camp, with his followers in tow. Peter and the others raise their guns at Eli, who tries to assure them he just wants to talk. Eventually, the situation is cooled and Peter tells Eli he has five minutes. Beside the camp fire, Sean correctly guesses that Eli has been watching not just them but Alexis at the housing complex, which he confirms. He then reveals that Victoria died shortly after her visit to their camp and that Alexis allowed it to happen. Eli offers Peter the chance to form an alliance, so that the two groups can trade supplies. Peter doesn't buy it, and refuses.

Later, Jai shoots and kills one of Eli's men, Amar, who also happens to be his nephew whom he was estranged from before the apocalypse. This enrages Eli and after a brief violent altercation between him and Peter and Shiro, he retreats with his surviving followers. Sean and the others are stunned by Jai's actions.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, Sean joins Peter as he and most of his group set out for Summerlyn for a meeting with Alexis to discuss Eli and the threat he poses. On their way, Sean notices that Peter seems preoccupied. Peter explains he's just looking for the dead out of habit. He insists to Sean that he's not hiding anything from him. Sean drops the subject, but doesn't seem convinced. Some time during the discussion between Peter and Alexis, Eli arrives, alone and unarmed. Sean is stunned when its revealed Charlotte has been working with Eli for the entire time they've known her. Charlotte then leaves, to retrieve her mother, whom Eli has been holding hostage.

Sometime later, Eli threatens both Alexis and Peter to surrender to him. To intimidate Peter, Joel walks a worse-for-wear Lorna into the scene at gunpoint. Eli warns the group to plan no ambushes or rescue attempts. He tells the group to meet him at Ludovico's, a restaurant a few minutes South of Victoria. He smiles, and tells them they have three hours.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

In Victoria, Peter discusses the situation with Alexis, Sean, and Jai. Peter assures the group he has no plans to surrender to Eli. Alexis says they should stage an ambush. Shortly after, Sean demands to know why he was looking for Joy earlier. Peter explains he knew Charlotte was a spy and he confided in Joy. Sean asks why he didn't tell him. Peter tells Sean he needed someone who was staying behind and Joy was supposed to follow the group via a car and watch the meeting from somewhere discreet. If he gave her a certain signal, she was to shoot Eli dead. Sean is taken aback with worry when it becomes apparent that Joy didn't turn up for a reason. Peter remains positive that Joy can handle herself.

Inside the restaurant, Eli announces that in spite of none of his men being around, Sid would be aware if he was to be killed thanks to the wonders of technology as his watch monitors his heartbeat and will send a signal to Sid should his heart stop. The group agree to take Eli hostage. As Eli taunts Javier, he is shot in the upper chest by an arrow and collapses to the ground. It's revealed Charlotte, who is above the group on a balcony, is responsible. Before he dies, Eli tells the group Lorna is at the basement prison. The group fight their way through zombies. They enter and find Sid, who is shot dead by Shiro. Peter tells them to wait as he goes down to investigate. As he arrives downstairs, he screams, resulting in his friends rushing to him. They are horrified to discover Peter holding the corpse of not Lorna, but Milo. They stand and stare in upset and disbelief as Peter sobs over his son.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Sometime after Milo's death, Aimi asks Sean if he's all right. He angrily remarks that it's a stupid question, but he apologises and says it's not her fault. Joel enters and swears he was never a loyal follower to Eli and that he was forced to follow him. Joel is stunned when Sean reveals Eli killed a child. As Joel protests his innocence, he is shot dead by Peter. Sometime after, Peter takes Milo's body and drives away. Sean takes refuge in a bar. Jai bluntly tells Sean that Milo is dead and he will remain so even once Sean has reached the end of the bottle. Sean says the booze will make him feel a lot better. Jai tries to assure Sean that Peter and the others need him, but when that falls on deaf ears, he brings up Sean's wife and son. When Jai threatens to drink too, Sean sees sense. They leave the bar together.

They re-group with Aimi, Shiro, Angie, and Javier and decide to split into two. Aimi, Sean, and Angie will go to Winterhodge to be with Peter whilst Jai, Javier, and Shiro will head back to camp. They all agree to meet at camp at the same time the following night. As Sean, Angie, and Aimi arrive at the Thompson house, Peter ignores them and takes Milo outside for burial. Angie wishes there was something they could do. Sean tells her there isn't. Sometime after, they walk outside. Peter tells them they need to help him find Lorna.

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The following day, Aimi is eager to move, but Sean tells her that Peter, who refuses to leave Milo's grave, needs more time. Aimi understands that, but says they need to get back to the others and Peter has Beatrice to think about. Sean is angered by this and leaves for the bedroom. Later, on their way out of Winterhodge, Peter and Sean talk in the truck as Angie and Aimi sleep in the back. Sean tells Peter he knows it doesn't mean much but he's sorry about Milo. As Peter begins to get upset, Sean tells him to pull over. They step outside and Peter asks Sean to shoot him as he doesn't think he can go on. Sean comforts Peter and tells him he has to. Peter breaks down in Sean's arms.

As they arrive towards camp, Sean, Peter, Aimi, and Angie are shocked to see a group of zombies who have all been slaughtered and stabbed dozens of times. They pull into camp, where they reunite with Jai and Javier. Jai breaks the news of Shiro's absence, Georgie, Beatrice, and Bobby being missing and Joy being dead, which greatly upsets the group. Sean remarks that Joy was a great woman just as two zombies who were approaching him from behind are shot dead. Their killer is revealed to be Shiro, meaning he was the one who took out all the zombies. Jai demands Shiro clean himself up, as he's dug a grave and they'll be burying Joy soon. Shiro, with a somber expression, says "Well, I hope you’ve got room for two, pops. I’ve been bit."

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

Sean and the others watch in shock as Peter cuts off Shiro's infected fingers and coldly tells Jai to stitch him up. Later, after Jai tells the relieved group that Shiro will be all right, Henry walks into camp alongside his son Shiloh and their friend Donna. The survivors are thrilled to be reunited with Henry. Later on, it's decided that Angie will accompany Peter to go and find Lorna whilst Henry, Shiloh and Donna will help the other survivors gather their belongings and leave camp for Midway, a safe-town Henry is in charge of.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Jai speaks at a funeral service for Joy as Sean, Aimi, Shiro, Javier, Henry, Shiloh, and Donna stand in quiet reflection, listening. As the sun sets and with Joy buried and everything packed and ready to go, Sean, Jai, and Aimi gather together and say how much they're going to miss their camp. They then get into vehicles alongside Javier, Shiro, Henry, Shiloh, and Donna, and the group leave for Midway.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Henry welcomes Sean, Aimi, Jai, Shiro, and Javier to the safe-town. They are amazed by what they see and eagerly accept Henry's invitation of a guided tour. During the tour, they are happily reunited with Georgie and Beatrice. Later that night, Sean, unable to sleep, gets out of bed and finds Georgie. The two chat for a while and Georgie says she hasn't been able to get her mind off everything. She then excuses herself to try and get some sleep. After she's gone, Sean spots Annette and introduces himself. The two get to talking and immediately take a liking towards one another. Annette tells Sean she would like to take the time to get to know him better. He feels the same. The two then decide to go and clean dishes together.

Soon after, Sean helps to take out a large group of zombies which were lured to Midway by an injured Dwayne. Sometime after, Annette and Sean agree that they've had a good time, even though they just washed dishes. They agree to do it again sometime and hug goodnight. As Sean heads to bed, Jai playfully teases him. The following day, Sean is present when Peter and Angie arrive and the former joyfully reunites with Beatrice. Sean also witnesses Henry scolding Shiro and several others for getting drunk the night before. Later, Sean approaches Annette, who is sitting and talking with Rachel. Annette rudely rebuffs Sean's attempt to talk and makes it clear she was in a conversation with Rachel. A hurt Sean apologises and leaves.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

A few days on, Annette approaches Sean and apologises to him for being cold to him the last time they spoke. He tells her it's all water under the bridge. They discuss his alcoholism. She then confesses to being an addict herself, having battled heroin in the eighties. Sean is surprised. Annette jokes she isn't just the charismatic, drop-dead-gorgeous chef everybody thinks she is.

During a walk, Sean and Annette come across a group of zombies stuck in mud. They decide to have some fun by using the zombies as a shooting range. They take out the zombies. Sean expresses his guilt for wasting ammo, but Annette shrugs it off. When Sean notices a change in her personality, he asks what's going on with her. She admits she's tired of being shacked up on that rooftop all day, cooking and cleaning and not much else and she wanted to remind herself that she's alive. She leans in and kisses him. He asks if she did it because it meant or something or because she wanted to feel alive. She says both. The two return to camp. That night, Sean and Annette hug and bid each other goodnight. Sean walks over to Georgie, Shiro and Aimi, who tease him upon seeing how happy he looks.


A few days later, Sean and Georgie wait for Annette's verdict on a cake Georgie just made from Annette's grandmother's recipe. Annette says its perfect and Sean remarks how great it is for Annette to have passed the recipe on. Sean asks Annette if she fancies a walk, but she claims to be tired. Sean notices she is pale and asks if she's all right. Annette assures him she'll be fine after a nap. Later, Beatrice rushes away from Sean whilst he's watching her. He finds her in the garden with Donna. Sean points that she seems to keep to herself. Sean comments on her ability with a gun and says she's the best shot he's ever seen and predicts she'll be one of the last to die and tells her she'll have plenty of time to miserable then, so it seems pointless now. Sean explains that someone has given him a new lease of life, and the same can happen to her if she'd let it.

Sometime after, Peter approaches Sean, who is preparing dinner for Annette. Peter claims he's never seen Sean so happy. When Sean turns up with the dinner, he finds Peter, Aimi and Henry outside Annette's tent with her friends Penny and Rachel and Midway's doctor Felicia. He jokes he hasn't made food for everyone. He spots the look on their faces and realises something is wrong. The news is given to him that Annette has passed away. Sean is in shock and demands and explanation. Felicia reveals Annette was diagnosed with cancer a few years previously and earlier this year she was told it was terminal. Sean is furious and calls Annette a selfish cow, as he can't believe she didn't tell him. Rachel says that Annette didn't want the cancer to stop her from ruining her life and that it was never her intention to hurt Sean. Devastated, Sean walks away, before falling to his knees, overcome with emotion.

Later, Sean makes his way out of camp, ignoring attempts from Javier and Jai to stop and talk. When Calvin tries to talk Sean against leaving to go and get a drink, Sean punches him and leaves. Peter goes to get Sean, but a saddened Jai says they won't be able to stop him this time. Upon arriving at the pub close to town, Sean pours himself a drink, says "Rest in peace, Annette. Hope you’re fuckin’ pleased with yourself…" and downs his beverage.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Jai and Georgie and tell him they're burying Annette in an hour. Sean makes it clear he's not attending. Jai tells Sean he's a wounded warrior who's been through so much and that he can get over this too. Sean refuses and leaves to pee, telling Jai and Georgie to see themselves out. Later, Sean hears a noise outside and mistakes it for Jai returning. He walks outside only to be grabbed by a zombie. Donna saves him. She remarks that his new lease of life didn't last long and tells him harshly to get his shit together. Sean stumbles onto Annette's funeral. Henry tells Sean to head home, but he refuses and decides to deliver an eulogy. He says "Whilst it may have seemed that our recently departed Annette was a kind, thoughtful, selfless woman, the opposite was in fact true. Long story short, she lured me in and spat me out. I hope the lying, manipulative witch rots in-" but he doesn't finish his sentence as Jai walks up behind him and knocks him out.

Sean regains consciousness in Midway. Jai makes it clear that he knocked him out because he is his friend and that he was closed to getting himself banished. He tells Sean to stay where he is and sober up some more. Soon after, Georgie lectures him over his behaviour. She insists he apologise to everybody. She asks why he thinks Annette set out to hurt him and reminds him that had she told him about her illness, he would have treated her differently, which is something she didn't want. Sean denies this, but Georgie is adamant it's true.

Later, Sean bumps into Javier who asks if he's going to cause trouble. Sean says he's not and asks where Peter is. Sean then heads to Henry, and states he has some apologising to do. Henry and Shiloh rudely tell him to go away. When Sean stays put and says he has something to say, Henry makes it clear he's not listening to a word. He calls him a buffoon and a joke who will get people killed. Sean is furious. Henry gets in Sean's face and the two have an argument, where Sean makes it clear Henry can't keep people safe. Henry retorts that at least he has people to protect. Sean responds "you’re right there, son. You have. But not Karen, eh?" This infuriates Henry and Shiloh. The former punches Sean and the latter raises his gun. Sean stumbles to the floor. Henry tells him he's not welcome anymore and he has to leave Midway. Peter follows Sean outside. Sean says "He thinks he can keep you all safe… bloke ain’t got a fucking clue… ‘cause it don’t matter, does it? We’re all fucked. Doesn’t matter how fast you run… or for how long… it gets ya, Peter. Death gets ya. All too soon." He then falls unconscious.

Last OrdersEdit

Two days after his banishment, Jai and Aimi enter the pub to sober him up. Sean refuses to go back to Midway and makes it clear he will never apologise to Henry. Aimi is infuriated and storms out. Jai tells Sean with Joy being dead, he's the only true friend he ha. Sean tells Jai not to guilt-trip him and says he should give up on him like everyone else has, but Jai refuses. Jai departs after saying he'll be back soon. Later, Sean overhears Jenson and Matt as they pass the pub after scouting Midway. Sean discovers Alexis's possible plan to execute Peter. Sean goes to warn the others but trips on a bottle and hits his head, causing him to black out. Some hours later, Sean regains consciousness and rushes outside. He looks up at Midway and realises he won't make it up there in his state. He returns to the pub and sets it on fire in order to get Midway's attention.

Donna, Georgie, and Calvin approach the pub. After Sean explains, Georgie assures Donna she and the others can protect Midway but she needs to go. Donna and Sean head off after Georgie tells Sean to be careful. After parking the car, Donna is held at gunpoint by a furious Alvin. Sean shoots and kills him. He and Donna then enter the complex. Sean spots Peter being grabbed by two zombies, one of whom pulls Peter to the floor. Sean pushes the zombie away from him, but in his drunken state he lands on top of it, and is bitten in the upper-chest. His friends all gather around him. Sean implores Peter to take him out, as he doesn't want to suffer and become one with the dead. Peter is stunned Sean saved his life in such a way, and Sean jokingly remarks that he's owed a pint. Sean begs someone to take him out. Henry raises his gun, but Sean shouts him down, telling him he hasn't earned the right. Peter raises his gun and Sean urges him to do it, saying he might see Annette again. Jai tells Sean he loves him, and that everybody does. Sean says he loves Jai too, and remarks that he was probably the best friend he had ever had in his life. Jai then shoots Sean in the head, putting him out of his misery.

The StandEdit

Jai takes Sean's body home to Midway and Jai apologises to his friend for failing him and taking his eye off the ball when Sean needed him most. Donna is also upset about Sean's death and blames herself for what happened.

Seconds OutEdit

The residents of Midway gather for Sean's funeral. Peter says how much of a good friend Sean was and how he was there for him when he was at his lowest. He says he he had demons, but had a heart of gold. Henry then speaks and says he doesn't feel as if he has a right to after his fall-out with Sean, but he says he was wrong to act the way he did and should have been more understanding. He then says to Sean that he is sorry they never got to make amends.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

During the four months following Sean's death, Jai decorated his and Annette's grave-site. The words "owed a pint" were lovingly written on Sean's grave, calling back to how he told Peter he owed him a pint after he was bitten saving his life.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Sean has killed:


  • Out of all the main characters Sean met Peter, Lorna, Aimi, Henry, Shiro, Jai, Joy, Georgie, Charlotte, Angie, Alexis, Victoria, Eli, Bobby, and Shiloh.
  • Sean has appeared in twenty-five episodes.
  • Sean was the fourth main character to die.
  • Sean seemed to acquire a shotgun from the Winterhodge Hollow library, but where he got it from or who gave it to him is unknown. It was his weapon of choice thereafter.
  • Sean is shown to be a very good shot as he's able to kill the undead from a distance, even when intoxicated.
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