Name Shiro Kato
Age 23
Date of
January 10th, 1991
Gender Male
Fight For Survival
Profession Unknown
Family Yuu Kato (mother, deceased)
Aimi Kato (sister, deceased)
Unnamed father (likely deceased)
Drew Franklin (boyfriend)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Asian
Fight For Survival to present
My friend Joy taught me that was a stupid thing to do. She said there’s never any shame in befriending people… or making yourself vulnerable.

Shiro Kato to Drew Franklin about his effort to open himself up to care about his fellow survivors.

Shiro Kato is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. Despite being an antagonistic presence during the early episodes, Shiro has since grown into a dependable man who helps protect his fellow group mates and is fiercely protective of his sister. He also forms close friendships with his fellow survivors, especially Jai, and begins a romantic relationship with Drew.


Shiro was born to Yuu Kato and an unnamed father who didn't have much to do with his family. Shiro was a few years younger than his older sister, Aimi.

Shiro spent many of his years trying to get his father, a successful businessman, to make effort but to no avail, which devastated a young hiro.

As an adult, Shiro became estranged and distant from Yuu and Aimi, much like his father did.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


It's unknown where Shiro was when the outbreak began, but he was apart from his mother and sister. Eventually, Shiro was found by Aimi, Ollie Graham, and Jai Patil, two survivors who saved her life when Yuu turned and tried to bite her. Shiro joined the trio but appeared to become distant and angry all over again once he discovered the news of his mother's fate, as he hadn't been speaking to her at the time of her death. The four survivors took refuge at the coast upon Aimi's suggestion, which they found to be a safe haven for a while.

After a while, the group decided or were forced to leave the coast. More survivors joined their ranks, including Joy Maybell, Georgie Rutherford and married couple Henry and Karen Jones and their dog Ben. Upon discovering Winterhodge Hollow hadn't been hit by the outbreak, Ollie decided to lead the group there, something Shrio would later take issue with. They arrived at the town just as it started to fall, leaving the group with no choice but to take refuge in a library.

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

Shiro doesn't appear in this episode, but he he witnessed Peter Thompson and Sean O'Hara run into the library to escape the undead.

Fight For SurvivalEdit

Shiro stands on roof of the library alongside Joy, Jai and Georgie, where they watch as zombies surround them. The four report back to the others downstairs where Shiro is angry to discover that Ollie has allowed Peter and Sean into the fold. An argument erupts between Shiro and Ollie, when the former questions his ability as leader. He storms off, but not before stating that Ollie will get them all killed. The next day, the group execute a plan to escape. They flee in small groups, and Shiro is angry when Aimi refuses to stick to the plan and makes Shiro leave as Joy and Jai's guard so she be with Ollie.

Shiro watches and waits on the porch of Peter's house as the rest of the group arrive. Aimi breaks the news that Ollie was killed. Shiro attempts to comfort Aimi, but she pushes him away. The survivors watch as Peter's son Milo is found and returned to Peter and his wife, Lorna. Joyce Evans, an elderly neighbour of the Thompson's emerges from a bedroom. When it becomes apparent she was bit, Shiro raises his gun. Lorna tries to protect her friend by stealing Peter's gun and aiming it at Shiro, who taunts her into pulling the trigger.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

When Aimi and the others insist Shiro lower his weapon, he responds by pointing his gun away from Joyce and at Lorna instead. The situation is eventually calmed down when Peter implores both Shiro and Lorna to see reason. The following morning, Shiro and Aimi stand watch, where Aimi asks if Shiro is proud of how he acted. He asks why killing Joyce wouldn't be the kindest thing to do in order to ensure she doesn't turn. Aimi admits she never thought of it like that. Later that night, Shiro joins Peter, Sean, and Henry as they discuss Joyce's declining health. Aimi steps outside and informs them she is returning to the library to ensure Ollie be taken out in case he has turned. When she refuses to be talked down, Shiro and Peter go with her.

When they arrive, Shiro and Peter get distracted by a truck and fail to spot Aimi walk away. They catch up and discover Ollie did turn. Shiro offers to do it, but Aimi shoots Ollie in the head. His body is taken back to the Thompson house for burial. When they get home, Lorna reveals Joyce has passed away. Shiro tells Lorna she knows what needs to be done, which angers Peter, but Lorna tells him that Shiro is right.

The AcornEdit

The following afternoon, Shiro moans at Sean for using his gun to just kill one zombie. Sean attempts to explain that the zombie was an old drinking buddy he hated and that killing people he didn't like is one of the only good things about the apocalypse. That evening, Shiro joins the others for the burial of Ollie and Joyce and her husband. Shiro listens as Lorna and Sean speak about Joyce. When Aimi breaks down after expressing her love for Ollie, an uncomfortable Shiro walks away from the graves.

Later that night, the group depart Peter's home and move into Joyce and Gilbert's house.

Running From The DeadEdit

During the group's first night at the house, Sean set fire to his local pub, which attracted dozens of zombies to town. Shiro helps defend the house. He continues to scold and angrily blame Sean for ruining their chances of staying for longer and a physical confrontation appears imminent until the others get them to cool off. It's then decided that the group will leave in the afternoon. Sometime after, Milo approaches Shiro and attempts to make conversation. Shiro tells him that he's annoying. Milo retorts that Shiro is grumpy. Shiro smirks at this.

The group leave Winterhodge Hollow and make their way out on the road. After a few hours of driving, the survivors pull over in the woods to stay overnight. This angers Shiro, who can't see why they can't carry on. This causes an argument between Shiro and Peter, which carries on until Joy intervenes and makes it clear the group won't tolerate his attitude. Shiro admits defeat, calms down, and goes to sleep. The following morning, the group move out. They face peril when they drive into a large group of undead. Shiro, who is driving one of the three vehicles and has Aimi and Jai with him, drives through the horde. They departed just mere moments before Karen was killed. Upon arriving at the new camp, the survivors are left worried when Lorna, Henry, Milo, and Ben, fail to turn up.


After a full days of searching, Lorna and the others remain missing. Shiro is on watch during the group's second night at camp when Peter decides to wander off alone and go and search for them. Sean decides to go and stop him, but Shiro assures him it will be a wasted effort as Peter won't come back, which turns out to be true.

Shiro joins Aimi, Sean, Joy and Jai around the campfire the following morning when Peter remains absent. Shiro makes it clear Peter won't rest until he finds them. He brings up Joyce's house again and states they never should have left.

Into The CityEdit

The following day, Joy teaches Shiro how to fish. H learns she was a head chef. When Shiro asks why Joy never told him, she points out he never asked. Shiro tells her he is reluctant to get close to people as he won't be able to handle something happening to them. He admits he sees little point if everybody's going to die anyway. Joy says she doesn't regret being close to any of her lost loved-ones. Shiro says he doesn't know what he'd do without Aimi.

Peter soon returns to camp alongside Charlotte Layton, a woman who saved his life. Shiro is hostile to her presence. Peter announces his intention to go to Summerlyn to expand the search. Aimi offers to go along, but Shiro insists on taking her place. Shiro then says his goodbyes to Aimi and leaves alongside Peter and Charlotte. Not long after arriving that evening, the trio come across a mysterious man who introduces himself as Eli Loche. They raise their weapons but Eli has men surrounding them. They are taken hostage.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

Peter, Charlotte and Shiro are held in cells. Charlotte reveals Shiro hasn't woke since being knocked out by Eli's men. After he does, he climbs to his feet and manages to kick open the cell to his door. Shiro asks if there are any keys anywhere, but Peter tells him to run before Eli or his men come back. Shiro is hesitant but Peter insists he go and fetch the others so they can put up a fight. Shiro leaves after knocking out Terry, one of Eli's followers. Shiro manages to find truck and leaves the city. Later, he drives into camp. Aimi embraces him. Shiro explains about Eli and he is insistent on going to save Peter. Sean and Aimi agree. After gathering supplies, Shiro, Aimi, and Sean drive away as Joy, Jai, Georgie, and Beatrice watch on.

Upon arriving, Shiro expresses his confusion after finding Terry dead and Peter and Charlotte missing from their cells. Aimi tells him she thought she saw a group of people in the center of the city. Sean is waiting in the back of the truck and panics when he sees a group of zombies coming right at them. He holds them off until Shiro gets the motor running.


After escaping a horde of undead a second time, Shiro, Aimi, and Sean find the building where Peter is and get inside, but they inadvertently cause the zombies to follow suit. They eventually find Charlotte and Bobby de Luca, who informs them Peter is up in the penthouse confronting Eli with a man called Javier. Bobby runs up to fetch them as Aimi and the others face the undead head on. Peter joins them alongside a wounded Javier, Bobby's older sister Angie and four of her friends Alexis Norton, Victoria Franklin, Jack Lucas, and Maddison Collins. Victoria, who owned the penthouse, tells the group about a back exit, they decide to head there, but Maddison is killed in the chaos. Upon discovering both exits are impassable, the group take a minute. Eli inadvertently runs into the group and when he flees, Alexis and Jack go after him. Victoria tells the others about a fire exit, which they use to escape the overrun building.

The survivors prepare to head back to camp. They are found by Alexis, who informs them of Jack's death. Peter accepts when Angie asks if she and Bobby can join their group. Alexis and Victoria go their own way as Shiro and the others load into the truck and leave Summerlyn.

Mi FamiliaEdit

A week on, Shiro finds Aimi outside camp. She tells him she's worried about Georgie, who hasn't returned to camp. After dark at the survivors camp, the group meet to discuss Georgie's disappearance. Aimi is insistent on going. It's decided Joy will lead a group consisting of Angie, Aimi, Charlotte, and herself, to find her.

Javier thanks Jai for changing his bandages. When Shiro teases Javier and the latter responds by jokingly threatening to shoot him, Peter hastens to check if he's jesting or not. Javier is surprised that he would consider him capable of such a thing. The following morning, Shiro and the others are given the news that Georgie is diabetic and is out of medicine. Everybody but Javier, Beatrice, and an unconscious Georgie, leave to find some medicine, unaware a massive horde of undead is making its way to the city as well.

Safe and SoundEdit

Whilst ransacking the hospital, Shiro, Angie, and Bobby rush to Jai after a gunshot. They find him on the floor with a dead zombie close-by. Shiro is deeply concerned but Jai assures him he's fine. Aimi turns up and tells the others a massive horde of zombies are heading their way. They regroup with Peter and Joy and make their way out of the hospital to Sean. Shiro assists with holding off the undead. They then escape the city. Later at camp, Shiro approaches Peter, who is waiting for a missing Charlotte. Shiro tells him he shouldn't worry about Charlotte as she can take care of herself and sometimes he's gotta let things be. Charlotte later returns, alive and unscathed.


A few days on from the previous episode, Peter asks Joy how Charlotte is and she reveals she's distant. Shiro reminds Peter that he shouldn't worry about her but Aimi disagrees and states that it is worrying to see her in such a way. The four then speculate on what could have happened to her when she was separated from the others. Shiro is later present when Victoria turns up at camp and informs them about Alexis's recent behaviour. After she leaves, Shiro and the others speculate on whether she can be trusted.

The Olive BranchEdit

Shiro approaches Aimi. She tells him she couldn't sleep. Shiro asks if it's about the man who saved her in the woods a few days before. He asks if she thinks it was a guardian angel as she used to believe them which makes her assume he is teasing her, which he denies. Aimi confesses it's not the stranger that's bothering her, it's something to do with Ollie. Shiro apologises for never allowing her to talk about Ollie with him. Aimi points out he hated him. Peter comes over to check on them. The three raise their guns in shock when Eli walks into camp, his followers in tow.

Eli tries to assure them he's just come to talk. Just then, a confused Jai approaches and is horrified to discover one of Eli's followers is his nephew Amar. The guns are lowered when Peter gives Eli five minutes to explain what he wants. It's quickly established Eli has been watching both them and Alexis. He informs them he's aware Victoria visited them the day previously and that she was killed later that same night. Eli stuns them further by revealing Alexis let it happen. Peter declines an offer to form an alliance. Suddenly, Jai shoots and kills Amar after he attempts to hold Beatrice. Things get violent as Peter and Shiro fight with Eli, but the latter retreats with his men, promising revenge.

The ChoiceEdit

Shiro joins Peter as most of his group set out for Summerlyn for a meeting with Alexis to discuss Eli and the threat he poses. Shiro and Aimi head over to Joy to say their goodbyes. Joy turns down Aimi's offer to stay, reminding her she's got quite good with a gun. Joy is touched when Shiro gives her a hug. The group then leave sometime later. On the road, Shiro asks a distant Charlotte if she's all right, but she doesn't answer. Some time during the discussion, Eli arrives, alone and unarmed. Shiro and the others raise their weapons at him. Shiro is stunned and infuriated when its revealed that Charlotte has been working with Eli for the entire time they've known her. Charlotte leaves to retrieve her mother, whom Eli has been holding.

Later, Eli threatens both Alexis and Peter to surrender. To intimidate Peter, Joel walks a worse-for-wear Lorna into the scene at gunpoint. Eli warns the group to plan no ambushes or rescue attempts. He tells the group to meet him at Ludovico's, a restaurant a few minutes South of Victoria. He smiles, and tells them they have three hours.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Inside the restaurant later, the group find Eli alone and unarmed. Eli says Lorna is fine and she will remain so if things remain amicable. When Alexis prepares to attack Eli, she's told to back down as Lorna's life is at stake. When Alexis refuses, Angie hits her across the face with her bat. Peter demands to know where Lorna is but when Eli simply smiles in response, Javier loses his temper and kicks Eli from his chair. Javier points out they can kill Eli and save Lorna. Eli announces to the group that in spite of none of his men being around, Sid would know if he died as his watch monitors his heartbeat and will send a signal should it stop. Peter doesn't believe him. Eli grins and asks if he's prepared to take the risk.

Peter stops Jenson from killing Eli. The group agree to take Eli hostage. As Eli taunts Javier, he is shot in the upper-chest with an arrow. It's revealed Charlotte is responsible. Before he dies, Eli reveals Lorna is at the basement prison. Charlotte attempts to apologise but Peter opens fire. She gets away. The group, bar Alexis and Jenson, leave to save Lorna. Javier keeps the undead at bay and demands the rest of the group get inside. They come across Sid, who says they're too late. He is shot dead by Shiro. Peter tells them to wait as he investigates. As he arrives downstairs, he screams. The others follow and are horrified to discover Peter holding the corpse of not Lorna, but Milo.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Soon after Milo's death, the group witness the murder of Joel at the hands of Peter. Later, Aimi finds Shiro and asks him if he wants to talk. He refuses. Aimi tells Shiro he doesn't have to hide his feelings. She asks if his mood is about Sid. Shiro admits he's killed before. Aimi asks for clarification, but Shiro instead talks about Milo, and says he was so mean to him. Shiro admits he thought if he saw Milo again, he'd apologise and try to bond with him. Aimi tries to reach out to her brother, but he asks for space. The group decide Aimi, Sean, and Angie will follow Peter to Winterhodge while Jai, Javier, and Shiro will head to camp to check on the others. When they arrive, they discover zombies feasting on bodies. Jai recongises the bodies as that of Eli's men, and spots their gunshot wounds, which gives him hope they lost to their people and that they got away. They are shocked and upset to find Javier holding Joy's motionless body. When Jai says she has a gunshot wound, Shiro storms over to Gus's body and begins to kick his head. Javier later tells Jai that Shiro has left and is refusing to come back until he has found Beatrice.

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

Shiro remains absent from camp for the night, the entire day and doesn't return until nightfall after Peter, Aimi, Sean, and Angie have arrived. He tells the group he has been hunting the dead. Jai demands Shiro clean himself up, as they'll be burying Joy soon. Shiro, with a sombre expression, says "Well, I hope you’ve got room for two, pops. I’ve been bit."

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

Aimi calls Shiro a selfish bastard when he admits he felt some relief upon being bitten. Peter walks forward without saying a word, pulls out his knife and cuts off Shiro's fingers, where he was bit. Peter coldly looks at Jai and tells him to stitch Shiro up. The next day, Jai tells the relieved group that Shiro will be all right. Henry walks into camp alongside his son Shiloh and their friend Donna. Henry is caught up to speed about Shiro, who is lying in a sleeping bag. Henry jokes with Shiro, and the two both say they're pleased to see each other again. Aimi approaches her brother and tenderly strokes his head, whilst making him promise to not be so stupid again. He agrees. Later that evening, Shiro gets to his feet and tells Aimi and Jai to stop fussing. Peter and Henry gather the group. It's decided Angie will accompany Peter to find Lorna while Henry will help the other survivors gather their belongings and leave for Midway.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Jai speaks at a funeral service for Joy as Shiro, Aimi, Sean, Javier, Henry, Shiloh, and Donna stand in quiet reflection.Soon after, the group leave camp for good, and head to Midway.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Henry welcomes the survivors to Midway. They are amazed and eagerly accept his invitation of a tour. As they walk off, Shiro comes face-to-face with Drew, and the two stare at each other for a moment before Drew extends his middle finger and walks away. Shiro smirks at this. The group are happily reunited with Georgie and Beatrice. During the night, the town is awoken by a disturbance when Dwayne inadvertently brings a large group of zombies to the area. Shiro is one of the survivors who help dispose of the threat. Wide awake after the drama, Shiro, Aimi, Georgie, Shiloh, Javier, and Calvin agree to Drew's invite to a nearby pub.

Drew welcomes Shiro and the others as they arrive at the pub. As Javier plays darts and Drew spends time alone in a room adjacent to the bar, the others decide to play a game of I Never, where various secrets are revealed. The game turns nasty when it's asked if anyone's ever killed a human being. Shiro comes clean about Sid. Aimi uses the opportunity to discover who else Shiro killed, as he previously mentioned Sid wasn't his first victim. Shiro refuses to talk about it, but Aimi is insistent. Angered, Shiro tells her that he didn't tell her as Ollie asked him not to as he killed a person the same time Shiro did. Aimi is upset by this and storms out. Shiro approaches Drew. The two realise they have similar attitudes. Drew states he used to be the life and soul. Shiro states that he was different, and that he's never been a people person. The following morning, Henry scolds the group for getting drunk, Shiro tries to talk to Aimi, but still annoyed about the night before, she walks away.

A day and a half later, Shiro and Aimi apologise to each other. Shiro is willing to talk about what he and Ollie did, but Aimi refuses to hear it and says if Ollie wanted her to be in the dark, she should be.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Henry asks Shiro and Aimi if they have information on a thief in camp who has stolen cheese. Both tell Henry they haven't. Henry then leaves. Aimi tells Shiro she can tell he's lying. He admits he caught Drew stealing the food. He explains he didn't tell Henry as Drew was drunk and made a mistake. Aimi asks Shiro why he's covering for Drew when he wouldn't do the same for him. Shiro points out that he can't win with her, as when he acts all unsociable she criticises him and when he actually gives people the benefit of the doubt she does the same. Aimi acknowledges this as true. That night, Shiro, Aimi, and Georgie tease Sean after he returns from spending time alone with Annette.


Shiro tells Jai, Aimi, and Angie that Peter has been unbearably happy since being reunited with Beatrice. He asks Angie what the deal was with Lorna. Angie explains Lorna has dramatically changed and is tracking down and killing people who worked with Eli. Shiro is impressed. Later, Shiro is convinced to break the news of Vicky's death, and the fact Alexis killed her, to Drew, as Angie reveals he is Vicky's brother. During their walk in the woods, Shiro watches Drew behead zombies to blow off steam. Shiro shares how he went out on an undead killing spree and it's how he ended up without three fingers. Drew gets the wrong end of the stick and assumes Henry has asked Shiro to kick him out of Midway. Shiro tells Drew to shut up and tells him abotu Vicky. Drew merely thanks Shiro for letting him know. Shiro is taken aback by his flippancy. The two begin to walk, but Drew stops suddenly and asks if she suffered. Shiro says he doesn't think so. Shiro returns to Midway and says he saw Sean heading to the pub. He looks at a sad Peter and Aimi and jokingly asks who died, unaware that Annette, whom Sean had grown close to, had in fact passed away.

Trouble BrewingEdit

Aimi asks Shiro if he's going to Annette's funeral. He says he offered to go on watch so the people who knew her could attend. Shiro approaches Drew, who is also not attending. When asked why as it Drew liked Annette, he says funeral's aren't for the dead. Shiro wonders if he should have told Drew about his sister, but Drew insists he did the right thing. On the subject of Drew departing Midway later that day to become a spy in Victoria, Shiro insists Drew not put his life on the line. Drew says he's doing it for Vicky. After the funeral, Shiloh and Donna prepare to escort Drew to Midway. Shiro wishes him luck. Drew says thanks and leaves.

Later, Shiro approaches Angie and asks if there's any sign of Shiloh or Donna. She confirms there isn't. Shiro claims Drew acts tougher than he is. Angie points out that's something he and Drew have in common. Out of no where, Angie asks Shiro if Aimi knows he's gay. Shiro is taken aback but doesn't deny it. He says he hasn't told Aimi. He states he didn't feel as if it was important. Angie smiles kindly and says it was never important. Sometime after, Shiloh and Donna reveal Drew was taken prisoner by Alexis. Shiro then witnesses a fight break out between Henry and Sean, and the latter is banned from Midway from good.

Shiro also appears in a flashback in this episode during the early days of the apocalypse on the day Zahra became separated from the group.

Last OrdersEdit

Two days after Drew's capture, a meeting is planned between the two communities to discuss his release. On the day of the get-together, Angie walks over to Shiro and realises he is worried about Drew. Shiro doesn't deny it, and says Drew isn't a bad guy deep down. Angie tries to talk to him, but Shiro says he's not in the mood for a conversation and asks her to go and fetch the others so they can get going.

During the meeting, Shiro asks if Drew is alive, and Alexis confirms he is. Soon after, Lorna turns up. Lorna explains that she has come for Alexis because she very well contributed towards the death of her son by not giving Peter a vehicle when he asked for one, meaning he was too late to save Milo. It's eventually revealed that Lorna opened one of the gates to the side of the complex and let a group of undead free from Michael's lab, causing the community to be overrun. Shiro and the others assist in dealing with the situation. He also helps Javier and Angie in breaking out Drew, Bobby, and Charlotte, who have all been held prisoner together.

Shiro and the other witness the arrival of Sean who pushes a zombie that purses Peter to the ground, where he is bitten in the chest. They all watch with sadness and horror as Sean begs to be put of his misery, which Jai complies with by shooting him in the head. A devastated Aimi falls to her knees, and Shiro comforts her.

The StandEdit

Shiro, Henry, Peter, and Angie decide to stay behind to stop Lorna and smooth things over with Alexis. Shiro asks Drew if he's going to thank him for breaking him out, but he doesn't and walks away. Shiro then witnesses the murder of Michael at the hands of Lorna after he compares her to Eli. On their way home, Shiro points out that while Lorna is responsible for her own actions, monsters are made. He then says for a man who's dead, Eli is still causing trouble.

Once back in Midway, Drew approaches Shiro and apologises for his behaviour and thanks him for breaking him out. Shiro is taken aback but accepts his apology. Drew smiles and walks away.

Seconds OutEdit

Shiloh asks Shiro if he's seen Donna. Shiro reveals she went out on a run with Jai, Javier, and Drew. Shiloh says he's worried about Donna. Shiro admits he is concerned about Jai. He says he hopes they are worrying over nothing. Sometime after, Shiro welcomes Javier back from his run and asks how it went. Javier tells him how reckless Jai and Donna were. Shiro is troubled when Javier reveals that Jai did not say a word all day. Later, Shiro attends Sean's funeral.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Four months later, Shiro goes on a supply run with Aimi and Donna. Shiro reveals to Aimi he found no diabetic medicine for Georgie. Back in Midway, the duo tell Georgie they are not giving up on finding her medicine. Georgie says she appreciates everything they've done but they're not risking their lives for her anymore. Shiro and Aimi remain adamant however.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

The following day, Shiro joins a group heading on a supply-run to a warehouse full of food. They arrive the same time as a rival group led by Jacquelyn, who unbeknownst to them, has struck a deal with Alexis. They decide to work together to clear the undead, bring out the crates, and split everything fifty-fifty. Shiro and Drew are paired with Jeffery and Keith, the former of whom is hostile to Shiro. Soon after, zombies approach. Shiro and Drew take them out as the others watch. When Jeffery notices a moment between them, he calls them faggots. Shiro is enraged and a fight breaks out. Keith joins in to beat up Shiro. Drew fiercely tells them to stop, but when they refuse, he puts a sword through Keith's chest, killing him. Shiro knocks out Jeffery. A concerned Drew kisses Shiro. Drew says he is sorry, but Shiro says he's not and kisses Drew. After, they wonder what to do about the bodies when they hear more undead approaching. They decide to say they were killed by them.

When Shiro and Drew turn up alone, Jacquelyn demands an explanation. They say the dead killed them. Jacquelyn turns on the group and a shoot-out takes place. Jeffery, who was bit, shoots Shiro in the leg. Shiro falls to the floor but shoots and kills Jeffery before he can take another shot. When Jacquelyn's group are wiped out, Shiro jokes they won, but Aimi says there are no winners. Aimi says she didn't think this is who they were, but Peter tells her they are a group who look out for each other and if anyone tries to harm one of their own, they take them out, and that's how it's gotta be. The group return to Midway.

No DemocracyEdit

Aimi admits to Shiro she always thought he hated Drew, and was surprised to discover they have become a couple. When he asks if she is all right with it, she reminds him her best friend at school was gay. Aimi admits she was offended he never told her about his sexuality. She says she had her suspicions and once asked their mother about it, but she said she wasn't. Shiro says he never told her either. Aimi says she's happy he's found someone but says she hopes he doesn't break his heart. Shiro tries to say he doesn't like Drew that much, but Aimi isn't buying it. Shiro concedes.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

Shiro and Aimi complain over a bad night's sleep over breakfast. Aimi suggests Shiro shack up with Drew, but he says it's too soon for that. They discover Lorna is at Midway. Drew approaches and asks what's going on. They fill him in. He says that sounds boring and decides to sit somewhere else. Shiro jokingly asks Aimi if their mother would have approved of Drew. Later, Shiro remains behind at Midway and goes on watch as Lorna takes Peter, Henry, Aimi, and Drew to meet Noah Ashby at his facility to strike up a deal to get medicine for Georgie.

One Fell SwoopEdit

When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah's community, Shiro talks Drew into coming along, and tells him he needs to stop retreating from being part of the group. On their way to the meet, Aimi wonders if she's third-wheeling now Shiro and Drew are a couple. They joke she is. During the meeting, Blaine Monteghue ambushes the two groups from afar and opens fire, killing Calvin, and wounding Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne. Everyone scatters into different directions. Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Drew, Lorna, and Luke escape but are found again by Blaine, who fires at them.

Shiro is mortified when Aimi is shot. After Blaine retreats, Shiro and the others gather around a seriously injured Aimi. an upset Shiro begs Jai to do something, but Jai sadly relents, as Aimi's injuries are clearly fatal. Before she dies, Aimi tells Shiro she is so proud of how far he has come and she forces him to promise to not withdraw and go back to being the way he was. As Shiro begins to cry, Aimi tells him not to and says he's gonna make it and go far. And that nobody has any idea what he's capable of and he will do great things if only he allows himself. He begs her to hang on, but in her final words before she succumbs she says "be brave." Shiro sobs in anguish. Later, Henry gathers the residents of Midway and tells them they will kill Alexis for what she did. Soon after, Drew and Jai tell an upset Shiro, who is lying beside Aimi's body, that they're there for him.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days after the ambush, Jai informs Shiro, who hasn't left Aimi's side, that she has to be buried. Shiro is reluctant, but Jai says it's not up for debate. Soon after, Jai tells Shiro to go and clean himself up for Aimi's burial. Shiro gives Jai permission to get Aimi ready as long as it's only him. Drew approaches Shiro in their hut and begs for him not to be pushed away. Shiro promises he won't. Drew asks if he can give him a hug. Shiro accepts. They embrace. Soon after, Shiro sees Angie for the first time since the ambush. The two share a loving hug and head down together to the grave site.

After Henry delivers an eulogy, he asks Shiro if he would like to say something. He refuses and states Drew told him once that funerals are for the living, and he was right. He says he doesn't need to tell people how much of a great person Aimi was and how much he loved her, but he says he hopes everyone will join him in his quest to avenge her. He says he intends to watch the life drain from Alexis's eyes for what she did and anyone who stands in his way will suffer the same fate. He walks away from the funeral. Later, Drew says he understands his motivation and agrees Alexis has to pay, but he can't lose his head. Shiro says he loves him but he's going to do things his way and he should respect that. Drew is touched and says he's never said that to him before. Drew says he loves him too.

Now. Before. After.Edit

On the days following Aimi's burial, Shiro begins to sulk, push people away, and make comments about dying. Jai scolds Shiro and tells him he has a right to mourn and be upset, but the way he is acting is petulant and selfish and he should stop it because it's beneath the man he has watched him become. That night, Shiro approaches Lorna and overhears her talking to herself. He proposes to her that the two go to Victoria alone and take out as many of Blaine's people as they can so the rest of the group have a better chance of taking them out. Lorna agrees. Shiro goes back to his hut and has sex with Drew. He then puts a sedative in his drink to ensure he doesn't wake up early and discover him missing. Shiro looks at a sleeping Drew, picks up his gun, and leaves with Lorna.

On their way to Summerlyn the following morning, Shiro tells Lorna he knows she was seeing somebody the night before. He tells her about the time he and Ollie teamed up with another pair of survivors to ransack a supermarket, but they were betrayed and left to be overwhelmed by the undead. Furious, Shiro shot one of the men in the back. Shiro says while he felt good about it at first as he believed he knew he had what it took to survive, he eventually started to see the man everywhere he want. He said it only stopped when he realised he wanted to see the man as his guilt had manifested itself in a different way.

End of This PlaceEdit

After seeing smoke billowing from Midway, Lorna gets cold feet and wants to go back and check on their people, but Shiro refuses, and says they've come this far and need to finish what they started. They sneak into Victoria, enter Alexis's quarters, snatch baby Stephen from his crib, and hold Alexis at gunpoint. Fiery confrontations take place where Alexis admits she gave Blaine the go-ahead to bomb Midway because she knew they would be coming for her after the ambush against them and Noah's people, which she truthfully denies she gave Blaine the authority to do. Shiro tells Alexis about Aimi and how she deserved better than to be shot in the back by a coward. Alexis apologises. Lorna and Shiro hide when Blaine enters and they witness Blaine and Alexis turning on each other. Alexis tries to stop him from preparing a fight with the survivors of Midway, but he refuses to listen. Alexis then requests that Lorna and Shiro deal with Blaine once and for all.

When the survivors from Midway and Noah's people arrive, Shiro and Lorna hurry to fight Blaine. A deadly confrontation takes place and Lorna is grazed in the head by Blaine's bullet. Shiro, fearing she is dead, is choked by Blaine, only to survive when Blaine is shot from afar from Matt. Blaine is left for dead after Shiro kicks him to the ground where two zombies begin to chase him. Peter is relieved when Shiro and Lorna reunite with them. Drew and Shiro embrace. Henry orders everyone to re-group at Noah's. Soon after they get back, Cecilia tells Shiro that Jai, who was shot in the shoulder during the gunfight, will be all right, much to Shiro's relief.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Shiro has killed:


  • Shiro has met all the main characters.
  • Shiro has appeared in thirty-three episodes to date.
  • Shiro is one of eight survivors from the original group still alive, alongside Peter, Beatrice, Henry, Lorna, Jai, Georgie, and Ben.
  • He is the first and only gay main character and is one of three LGBT characters in the series, the others being Jack and Drew.
    • Shiro and Drew form the first and currently only gay relationship in the series.
  • He is one of three characters known to survive a zombie bite, alongside Catelyn and her son Stephen, whom she was pregnant with at the time of being bit. However, Shiro is the only one of the three not known to be immune from the zombie illness.
  • His name suggests that he is of Japanese descent.
  • Aimi mentioned that he was a fan of the band AC/DC, which implies that he liked hard rock music.
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