Name Sid
Age 50+ (At time of death)
Gender Male
Dead Man's Trigger
Profession Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Shot in the head by Shiro Kato.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Desperation to Dead Man's Trigger
You’re too fucking late, pal. It’s done. Should’ve got here sooner.

Sid saying his final words to Peter Thompson and his group as he taunts them after killing Milo Thompson.

Sid is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is a loyal, dedicated follower of Eli Loche's.


Details about Sid's early life is scarce, but at some point he was imprisoned. What for hasn't been revealed.

In prison he became a follower to Eli Loche and followed his orders in exchange for protection.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Sometime after the undead outbreak, Sid was among one of the group of inmates who managed to escape prison. When a group, which included Javier Rodriguez, took issue with Eli leading the way on the outside, Eli had all of them killed, but Javier managed to survive. Sid then joined Donald, Amar and Terry and continued on under Eli's control.

At some point, the former convicts arrived in the fallen city of Summerlyn.


When Eli decides to take a penthouse belonging to heiress Victoria Franklin as his own, he takes the young woman and her group of friends hostage. Sid is first seen alongside Eli's other lackeys as they stop Angie de Luca from escaping. They're later seen again in the episode, obediently guarding the room where Angie is being held alongside Victoria, Jack Lucas and Maddison Collins.

Into The CityEdit

During a discussion with Eli, Sid, Amar and Terry reveal that Donald is unhappy with Eli's treatment of Angie and the other prisoners and has wonders if Eli has gone too far. This displeases Eli, who asks Amar to go and fetch Donald. The two then talk but settle things when Donald assures Eli he's loyal.

Sometime later, Eli attacks Alexis after she continues to talk back to him and show him disrespect. Sid steps in and points a gun at Angie in order to stop her from getting involved to help Alexis. After the confrontation, Eli leaves the penthouse alongside Amar and Terry to conduct some business, but Eli instructs Sid to stay behind secretly in order to keep an eye on Donald, who is holding the fort. Eli's suspicions turn out to be right on the money as Sid prevents Donald from helping the prisoners escape.

Sid later informs Eli of Donald's betrayal. Donald is then killed.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

Sid is next seen guarding the basement full of cells where new captives Peter Thompson and Charlotte Layton are being held. Terry arrives at the basement and takes over watch from Sid, who tells him to make sure that nobody escapes under his watch again, as Shiro Kato did earlier in the day. Sid then departs and is unaware that Javier and Bobby de Luca are watching him from a distance. An enraged Javier vocally expresses his hatred for Sid and his desire to kill him, but he holds off and lets him go in order to check out the building for what Eli is doing. Javier and Bobby kill Terry and free Peter and Charlotte soon after.

Later on back at the penthouse, Sid investigates a lot of noise from the room holding the prisoners. He was unaware that it was a ruse to get him inside as when he enters, Angie smacks him in the face and knocks him out. Alexis then steals her gun and she and Angie go down to confront Eli, just as Javier and Peter arrive to do the same.


Upon regaining consciousness, Sid finds Amar standing over him. He's informed that zombies have entered the building and that everyone has agreed to a ceasefire to avoid a pointless massacre. Sid is disgruntled when Alexis threatens him and Amar with his own gun and begrudgingly, the two men leave. They are the first survivors to make it out of the building safely.

Still, In SummerlynEdit

Days after his escape from the penthouse, Sid watches over a horde of zombies from Eli's swimming center base. He is approached by Amar, who asks if there's any sign of Eli, who left the center some time previously in order to search for some recruits to their group. The two men speculate on what Eli might have planned, but Sid glances towards the growing number of undead and mentions that they might need all the help they can get in order to survive.

Later that night, Sid watches on over Big Pete, Cassie and Joel, the new recruits. He then witnesses the arrival of their friend Jesse, who after running an errand for Eli and discovering the location of Alexis and Victoria, pleads with his friends to leave with him as he doesn't trust Eli. When they refuse, Jesse escapes and disappears before Eli can kill him.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Days later, at the swimming center base, Eli approaches Sid and asks if he's ready. Sid replies "Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?" Eli then pays a visit to a tied up Lorna. Sid collects Eli minutes later, telling him "it's time."

At the basement prison which Eli used weeks previously to hold Peter, Shiro, and Charlotte, Joel enters to find Sid inside. He asks what's going on and why the swimming center has been abandoned. Sid informs him that if he knew what Eli had planned, he wouldn't believe him, and that the center was abandoned as it was no longer needed. Joel spots an electric device on the table beside Sid and an occupied sleeping bag in a cell nearby, but he leaves after Sid raises his gun at him and tells him to go. Joel does as he's told and remarks that he's done with Eli anyway. After he's gone, Sid looks into the cell where the sleeping bag is located.

It's later revealed that the machine is connected to Eli's watch, which monitors his heartbeat, so Sid would be aware if he was to be killed and thus be given the go ahead to kill the prisoner. When Eli is indeed murdered, Sid goes through with the cruel act, although he appears to take no pleasure in doing so in that moment as he sighs and says "I'm sorry, sweetheart."

As he goes to leave moments later, he comes across Peter and his group. He tells them they're too late. He laughs but is shot dead by Shiro.

It's soon discovered that Eli tricked Peter and that it wasn't Lorna he told Sid to kill, but Milo, Peter and Lorna's young son.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Sid has killed:

  • Milo Thompson (Under Eli's orders)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.
  • Possibly numerous counts of people under the orders of Eli.


  • Sid has appeared in seven episodes.
  • Sid was the final character to die in season one.
  • A recurring characteristic of Sid's is that he appears to be incredibly foul-mouthed when it comes to profanity.
  • He is incredibly loyal to Eli, so much so that he kills a child to follow Eli's orders and avenge his death, though he appeared to take no pleasure in committing the act.
  • Out of the main characters Sid met Eli, Javier, Angie, Alexis, Victoria, Peter, Charlotte, Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Sean and Bobby before his death.
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