Summerlyn City
30 named, likely more
Status Overrun
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Summerlyn City is a large city featured in The Last Ones. Despite the fact the city presumably had a large population, only a few known people are shown to be in the region because of how hard Summerlyn was hit by the undead outbreak.

General InformationEdit

Little to nothing is known about the city and its origins but from pictures, it appears to have been a popular seaside resort as well as a fully functioning city for living and business.

Despite the fact the city fell fairly early, a lot of the power in the main buildings of the city remain active due to solar power. This implies that the city relied mostly on renewable energy.

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Known InhabitantsEdit

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Former ResidentsEdit



  • Mr. de Luca - died of a heart attack years before the apocalypse.
  • Collin Layton - killed in a housefire started by Charlotte Layton a few years before the apocalypse.
  • Jennifer Jenkins - killed by the undead.
  • Mr. Franklin - presumably killed by the undead.
  • Donald - fed to a zombie by Eli Loche.
  • Terry - shot in the head by Javier Rodriguez.
  • Maddison Collins - killed by zombies when attempting to flee the penthouse.
  • Jack Lucas - pushed from roof by Eli Loche and left to the mercy of the undead.
  • Leah - mauled and consumed by zombies.
  • Jeff - bitten by a zombie on the hand. Passed away a day later.
  • Victoria Franklin - feasted on by a zombie, killed by Alexis Norton.
  • Samantha Layton - presumably fed to a zombie under the orders of Eli Loche.
  • Eli Loche - shot in the heart with an arrow by Charlotte Layton.
  • Milo Thompson - shot dead by Sid in retaliation to Eli's death.
  • Sid - shot in the head by Shiro Kato.
  • Joel - shot in the head by Peter Thompson.
  • Derrick - shot in the head by Jenson, under Alexis Norton's orders.
  • Monika - killed by zombie.
  • Alvin - shot in the back by Sean O'Hara.
  • Steph - bitten by zombie and drowned.
  • Sean O'Hara - bitten by zombie. Shot in the head by Jai Patil.
  • Michael Lewis - throat slit by Lorna Thompson.
  • Hundreds upon thousands of unnamed residents.


  • Interestingly, the two main locations featured in the first season so far (Winterhodge Hollow and Summerlyn City) both have seasons in their name.
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