The Stand
Season 2, Episode 11
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara*
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Jai Patil
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Bobby de Luca
Henry Jones
Michael Lewis
Shiloh Jones
Lorna Thompson
Blaine Monteghue
Bernadette Delacroix
Special Appearance
Eli Loche
Beatrice Thompson
Noah Ashby
Drew Franklin
Lydia-Jean Norton
Richard Coleman
*Appears with no lines.
**Voice only.
"You think that all you want. But I know the truth."

Michael Lewis.

"Do you, Michael? And what’s the truth?"

Lorna Thompson.

"That you’re no different than Eli."

Michael Lewis.

"The Stand" is the eleventh episode of season two of The Last Ones and the twenty-seventh episode overall. It was published for the first time on October 31st 2017. It acted as the mid-season premiere and the first episode of the second half of season two.


Someone pays the price when several survivors try to intervene in Lorna's relentless pursuit of Alexis. Meanwhile, the residents of Victoria reel from Lorna's invasion. Also, the body of Sean is taken home to Midway, as the community learns of his demise.


In a mysterious underground base in an undisclosed location, a man called Mr. Ashby speaks over the phone to an acquaintance Anthony about the on-going search for pathologists in the Summerlyn City area and beyond. He is told the disappointing news of the confirmed deaths of three high-profile, distinguished scientists but is told Michael Lewis has been located. Upon learning that the safe-town where Michael is staying is winning a fight with the undead that have breached the compound, it's decided they will wait until the right moment before paying Michael a visit.

In Victoria, Alexis and Michael continue to hide from Lorna. Michael tells her they may have to consider leaving town but Alexis refuses. When Lorna finds them, Michael insists Alexis flee so he can talk to her. Lorna refuses to back down and tells Michael to step aside, but he won't, so she knocks him out and continues on to find Alexis, who has hidden in Michael's lab.

Jenson and Matt take a breather, amazed that they have managed to deal with all the undead. An angered Tariq confronts the main group and insists they leave, but Javier raises his gun, warning him off. As they stand over Sean's motionless body, Donna tries to tell Jai he did the right thing by shooting Sean and putting him out of his misery, but he says nothing and walks away. Meanwhile, Bobby tries to talk to Angie about Charlotte and explain that she is a good person, but Angie, who's worried that Peter will overhear, tells him that now isn't the time. Henry tells Peter he might not have got along with Sean over the past week, but he was a good man and he's sorry for Peter's loss. Just then, Jai drives into the complex with the truck and asks Javier for help in putting Sean's body in the back.

Bernadette finds Luke looking at what's happening outside and worries he might discover that she lied and told him Charlotte, Bobby, and Lydia-Jean had died so he would stay in Victoria with her. She tells him if he sees their bodies it will stay with him for life and he should go and rest. He does, and misses Bobby making his way to the house. Bernadette rushes down and tells Bobby she will pass on his well wishes to Luke and then briskly shuts the door on him.

In Midway, Georgie decides to put a irritable Beatrice down for a nap. Calvin asks if she's worried and she admits she was so relieved when Peter first turned up at Midway as she knew he would be around for Beatrice. Calvin tells her if something was to happen to Peter then it would be awful but she would be there for Beatrice. Georgie remarks "for how long?" which confuses Calvin and he asks what she means. She walks away without answering.

In Victoria, Jai decides to take Sean's body home. Peter, Henry, Angie, and Shiro decide to stay behind to try and stop Lorna and try and smooth things over with Alexis. Shiro asks Drew if he's going to thank him for breaking him out, but he doesn't and walks away. Shiloh offers to stay behind but Henry tells him he's needed in Midway. As Bobby says goodbye to Angie and prepares to leave for Midway, he expresses his worry for Charlotte. Javier assures him she's tough and that she will be fine. Bobby says he's going to miss her.

Out in the woods close to Summerlyn, Charlotte takes out several undead. Lydia-Jean praises her skills with her bow. When they debate on whether to go back to the complex to look for Luke, Lydia-Jean admits her role in Lorna's invasion. Charlotte is taken aback to discover that Lydia-Jean is Alexis's niece, and upon discovering Lorna is alive, Charlotte is relieved as she believed she had gotten her killed, unaware that it was Milo who was killed in retaliation to Eli's death. Lydia-Jean is confused and Charlotte begins to fill her in on Eli.

As Lorna continues on her quest to find Alexis, she once again hallucinates about Eli, who taunts her. She enters a house and comes face-to-face with Catelyn, who tells Lorna that she doesn't know where Alexis is and she can't risk lying to her because she's pregnant. Lorna apologises and says her baby is going to die eventually as no child can survive in this world. She then expresses how it feels to lose a child and suggests Catelyn just take her own life as it will be the kindest thing. Zahra, who has overheard, enters the room and angrily tells Lorna to leave. Lorna complies and spots Alexis looking out one of the windows in Michael's lab. She follows and ignores Peter's pleas for her to stop. Lorna finds Alexis hiding behind fences that Michael used to herd the undead.

On their way back to Midway, Jai and the others spot Charlotte and Lydia-Jean. Bobby demands they pull over and he embraces Charlotte in a hug. He invites her to come with them, but Charlotte, Jai, and Javier tell him it's not a good idea because of Peter. Charlotte suggests that Lydia-Jean should go as it's safe, but she refuses to leave her, as does Bobby, who makes it clear that if Charlotte isn't going to Midway then he isn't either. Unable to talk him round, Jai agrees but makes it clear Peter will have something to say. Bobby says he will convince him, but Jai and Javier point out he still needs to convince them. Charlotte exchanges an awkward hello with Aimi before the group continue on their journey.

Back in Victoria, Peter tells Lorna that it is down to her that Sean and others are dead. Lorna points out she told him to leave and says his death on him, which angers Angie. Lorna remarks about her being Peter's new girlfriend, which he denies. She tells him he can do as he likes because, as she told him before, their marriage is over. Peter points out Alexis didn't know she was endangering Milo's life when she refused to give Peter a vehicle the night Eli died. Lorna disagrees. Angie points out that Lorna has a point as Alexis killed Vicky. When Alexis tells her to change the record, Angie angrily makes it clear she doesn't get to act like what she did to Vicky doesn't matter. When Alexis remains indifferent, Angie tells Peter to let Lorna kill her, and Shiro agrees, much to Henry's disapproval. Just then, Michael enters, and tells Angie she's wrong about Alexis, as she's given people a home and has been a good leader. He says if they're going to kill Alexis, then they'll have to kill him too. Lorna puts her sickle to his neck, much to Alexis's horror.

In Midway, Calvin says the group have returned. When Georgie notices he doesn't look happy. He tells her they've brought a body back with them. Georgie happily embraces Jai and Aimi and she's told Peter, Angie, Henry, and Shiro have stayed behind for a while. Jai then breaks the news that Sean has died. Georgie is devastated. She's told how he saved Peter's life and Calvin tries to make her feel better by telling her Sean went out like a hero. Georgie then spots Bobby climbing up to Midway and happily hugs him. She then notices Charlotte and angrily asks why she is there.

Shiloh attempts to tell Donna she did everything she could for Sean and that he might not have got far enough to save Peter if she hadn't of been there. She insists she didn't do enough. When Shiloh asks how she can think that, she reminds him Sean is dead.

Angie implores Lorna to not kill Michael as even though he's wrong about Alexis, he is a good man. Lorna says he will be fine as long as Alexis stops hiding behind the fences. Alexis asks for her word, and she gives it. Alexis does as Lorna orders. Before Lorna makes a move, she demands that Alexis acknowledge the murder of Vicky as well as how Milo could very will still be alive if it wasn't for her. Peter points out Lorna's hypocrisy as she has killed people. Alexis tells Lorna to make it quick, but she doesn't move. Eli appears again and manically encourages Lorna to do it. But Lorna doesn't, as she realises Alexis isn't scared of death, and what matters more is her legacy as the leader of Victoria. She tells her she doesn't need to kill her because she will cause her own down-fall eventually as she's poison, which is why Lydia-Jean agreed to help her. Alexis is stunned to learn of Lydia-Jean's involvement in helping Lorna gain access to the complex.

Lorna goes to leave, but Michael, who is infuriated by Lorna's manipulation of Lydia-Jean, tells her she's exactly like Eli. Lorna stands still for a while, without responding, but Peter is on edge. Suddenly, Lorna spins around and slits Michael's throat open with her sickle, much to everybody's shock and horror. He collapses to the floor. Michael tries to tell Alexis something in his dying moments, but he passes away in her arms. Alexis screams at Lorna, who simply responds "hurts, doesn't it?" She goes again to leave, and Peter tells her she was right about their marriage being over. He tells her he never wants to see her again. She departs. Angie tells a devastated Alexis none of them wanted this, but she doesn't want to hear it. She tells them all to get out of her sight and that if they stay out of her way, she'll stay of theirs.

In Midway, Georgie is irritated to see Bobby has forgiven Charlotte. She understands Eli had her mother but insists that she should have told the group so they could have helped. Georgie apologises for Charlotte's loss upon learning Eli killed her mother anyway, but says she still doesn't think it's right for her to be at Midway. She then walks away, saying that they should be thinking about Sean. Charlotte asks Bobby what she means and he explains he died earlier. Just then, Shiloh comes over and offers the three newcomers a tour of Midway.

Javier walks over to Jai, who is standing by Sean's body. He notices Jai is no longer wearing his turban. Jai tells him that faith is a fickle thing, and explains that Sean was one of the last things he truly believed in. Javier says that Sean wouldn't want Jai to lose his faith. Jai agrees, but points out Sean is dead and doesn't want for anything now. He admits he has been questioning his faith all along. Starting when he lost his wife and daughter, and then when OllieJoy, and Milo died. He says a God who allows all of those terrible things to happen is a God who doesn't deserve to be worshiped. He then tells Javier that Lorna seems to be the only person who is seeing the new world for what it truly is, and if that's not enough of a reason to give up hope then he doesn't know what is.

Jenson enters Michael's lab and is shocked to find his body. He asks Alexis if he's dead, but she walks outside. He follows and tells her that there are three dead, including Michael. Just then, a reanimated Steph gets up in the fountain where she died. Jenson somberly says Steph makes four. Alexis takes Jenson's gun, shoots her in the head, and then walks to her quarters without saying a word. Jenson joins the other residents, where Bernadette and Howie decide to take control and collect all the undead bodies for burning. Trudy says the people they've lost should be buried. When Jenson reveals that Michael is dead alongside Steph, Monika, and Alvin, Catelyn appears troubled. Bernadette rallies the residents and says they will have time to grieve later but they have to carry on, which is what their fallen neighbours would want them to do. Luke sees this from his house and realises Bernadette lied about his friends being dead. He tells Jasmin if Bernadette wants to play mind-games then he's going to play them right back.

On their way to Midway, Peter says he will never forgive Lorna for what she did. He also says he had a feeling she was going to lash-out after what Michael said about her being like Eli. Shiro points out that while Lorna is responsible for her own actions, monsters are made. He then says for a man who's dead, Eli is still causing trouble.

Georgie tells Bobby that Beatrice has awoke from her nap if he would like to come say hello. He takes Lydia-Jean along to introduce her. Charlotte is approached by Shiloh and asks how good she is with her bow. She jokingly tells him if he gets on the wrong side of her, he'll find out.

In the woods, Lorna is upset and regrets killing Michael. Her hallucination of Eli tells her he's never been prouder of her and reminds her she has broken Alexis and that's what she always wanted. Lorna agrees, but then asks "so why hasn’t it made me feel any better?"

Still alone with Sean's body, Jai apologises to his friend for letting him and down and taking his eyes off the ball when he needed him. Aimi walks over as he asks for forgiveness. She tells him that Georgie has made soup. Jai is tetchy with Aimi, who points out she's upset about Sean too, so he shouldn't take it out on her. Jai says she's the perfect punching bag as it's her fault he went to Summerlyn and left Sean in the first place. Aimi insists it's not her fault, but Jai feels otherwise. Aimi storms off just as Peter, Angie, Henry, and Shiro arrive home.

In Victoria, Jenson, Coleman, and Matt congratulate each other for taking all the dead bodies outside and burning them. Jenson remarks the town almost looks normal again, but Coleman points out it will never be the same. Jenson agrees. Meanwhile, Bernadette tells Luke and Jasmin that Alexis is doing her a big favour by hiding herself away as people already blame her for what happened. She says all she has to do is call a meeting about her leadership and then her days are numbered. As she prepares to head on out, Luke plays along with her lies and asks her to be gentle with Charlotte's body. Bernadette promises and leaves. Jasmin asks Luke what he's going to do to ruin her. Luke says he has something in mind.

In Midway, Peter and Georgie catch-up. She says Beatrice is playing with Bobby and she was so happy to see him. They hug and apologise to each other for their shared loss of Sean. Javier finds an upset Angie and comforts her over Michael's murder. Henry introduces himself to Charlotte and tells her to follow him as there's someone he thinks she needs to speak to. Shiro tries to check on an upset Aimi but she asks to be left alone. Drew then approaches Shiro and apologises for his behaviour earlier and thanks him for breaking him out. Shiro is taken aback but accepts his apology. Drew smiles and walks away.

In Victoria, Luke goes to speak to Alexis and warns her about Bernadette's plan, but Alexis claims she doesn't care as she the one person she truly cared about is gone. Luke says he barely knew Michael but he knows how much he believed in Alexis. He then admits he doesn't like her much, but the alternative to her is Bernadette, whom he describes as a psychotic witch. He asks Alexis if she really wants to lose Victoria to Bernadette after how far she has taken the town. She admits she doesn't. He tells her he needs man-power and then suggests she go and find Blaine and his people, whom had previously offered to work for Alexis in exchange for shelter. Alexis asks Luke why he's helping her. He says he wants to watch her wipe the smile from Bernadette's face. Alexis leaves town without saying a word as Bernadette, Jenson, and Howie watch on. Bernadette tells them they don't need her.

In Midway, a remorseful Jai approaches Aimi and apologises for what he said. He asks for forgiveness. The two hug. Peter thanks Bobby for being there to protect Beatrice the night Eli's goons attacked the camp. Bobby says it was mostly Joy. He then says both she and Sean died as heroes. Peter agrees. Dwayne walks over and tells Peter that Henry wants a word. Bobby asks Peter if they can have a talk after. Elsewhere, Shiloh walks over to Donna. She says Sean is dead because of her as she knew it was a bad idea to take a drunk Sean to the city, but she did it as the wanted to be a part of the action and she had a blood-lust. She asks what sort of person that makes her.

Peter enters Henry's living quarters and is angered to spot Charlotte. She awkwardly greets him.

Alexis approaches Blaine's camp and finds Reginald sleeping whilst on-watch. She tells him to take her to Blaine. Blaine is surprised by Alexis's arrival. She tells him he was right about her needing him and his people eventually. She asks if his previous offer still stands. Blaine smiles and tells Reginald to fetch the bottle of whisky they've been saving, as they have a partnership to be toasting.



  • First appearance of Noah Ashby.
  • First appearance of Anthony. (Voice only)
  • First appearance of Noah's facility.
  • Last appearance of Monika. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Alvin. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Steph. (Zombified/Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Sean O'Hara. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Michael Lewis.
  • Blaine and Bernadette become main characters in this episode.
    • This is the final episode to include Sean and Michael as main characters.
  • Michael becomes the fifth main character to die in this episode.
  • The title of this episode refers to Stephen King's 1978 post-apocalyptic horror novel of the same name that depicts the fall of civilization.
  • This episode marks the twenty-fifth appearance of Peter, Sean, and Aimi.
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