Trouble Brewing
Season 2, Episode 9
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Last Orders
Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Jai Patil
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Bobby de Luca
Henry Jones
Michael Lewis
Shiloh Jones
Lorna Thompson
Special Appearances
Joy Maybell
Eli Loche
Karen Jones
Ollie Graham
Beatrice Thompson**
Drew Franklin
Lydia-Jean Norton
Richard Coleman
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.
"Maybe it’s time we hit the road?"

Charlotte Layton to Bobby de Luca about leaving Victoria for good.

"Trouble Brewing" is the ninth episode of season two of The Last Ones and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It was published for the first time on October 2nd 2016.


Two mysterious women arrive at Victoria for safety not long before Drew prepares to go in as a spy for Midway. Elsewhere, things get incredibly heated between Henry and Sean. Also, Michael's lab worries the residents of Victoria.


In a flashback, we see Zahra, a woman who was once a member of the main group of survivors. She walks past Ollie as he tells Shiro and Aimi about Winterhodge Hollow, a town he heard was safe from the undead. She then passes Karen, who loses her temper with Henry when he keeps asking how she is. Georgie tells her she was harsh as she and Karen head off for a walk. Zahra then passes Crystal, who nastily scolds her daughter Mikayla for not getting water from Aimi. Zahra then passes Joy and Jai, as the former expresses her dislike for Crystal and the way she treats her little girl. Jai tells Joy to stay calm and not to lose her temper. Zahra keeps on walking and spots an injured woman, Catelyn, stuck near a car wreckage. Zahra then realises a big horde of zombies are heading straight in their direction. She goes to flee, but Catelyn begs for help and says she's pregnant. This causes Zahra to stay and fight the undead in an attempt to protect her. Meanwhile, Crystal is bitten and killed by the undead after a row with Joy. Mikayla runs away in the woods before anyone can stop her. The rest of the survivors are forced to flee and leave both the dying Crystal and Zahra behind, unaware she was staying behind to try and save another survivor.

In the present, Zahra and Catelyn, who is indeed pregnant, approach Victoria. They're allowed in by Steph, who tells them to keep their weapons at their side. Alexis welcomes them to complex and tells them they will both have to under-go a strip search in order to check they're not infected. Catelyn appears taken aback, but agrees. The newcomers arouse the attention of Charlotte, Bobby, Luke and Lydia-Jean who are sitting nearby. Bobby remarks that Zahra is one creepy looking lady.

Georgie and Jai approach the pub close to Midway to find Sean. Georgie asks Jai if they're expecting him to be drunk. Her question is answered when they hear Sean sing. They enter and find him sprawled out on the bar. When they insist they come home with him, he makes it clear he has no home. Georgie tells him they're burying Annette in an hour and he should be there. Sean makes it clear he's not attending and calls Annette a manipulative bitch. He is angry when Jai tells him to have some respect. Georgie reveals she has spoken to Annette's close friends Penny and Rachel and that it was never Annette's intention to hurt him. Jai tells Sean he's a wounded warrior who's been through so much and that he can get over this too. Sean says that his ex-wife taking their son and leaving him hurt, but it was his own fault. Whereas this time he thought he had found his perfect woman in the midst of the end of the world and it's therefore far worse. He then leaves to pee, telling Jai and Georgie to see themselves out.

Coleman attempts to conduct a strip-search of Zahra, but she refuses, only agreeing when Catelyn says she would prefer a female to perform the check. Steph agrees to do it. After they step behind the curtain, Coleman prepares to check Catelyn, but she asks if she can confide in him. She also promises him to agree that before he reacts, he give her a chance to explain as she has her baby to think about after all. Coleman appears unsure, but agrees and tells her he's listening.

In Midway, Aimi asks Shiro if he's going to Annette's funeral. He says he didn't know her well so he offered to go on watch so that the people who knew her could attend. Aimi says that's good of him and then departs for the funeral. Shiro approaches Drew, who is also not attending. When asked why as it appeared that Drew had liked Annette, he agrees that she was one of the only people he found tolerable, but he says that funeral's aren't for the dead. Shiro wonders if he should have told Drew about his sister, but Drew insists he did the right thing as he knows for sure now. On the subject of Drew departing Midway later that day to become a spy for the town in Victoria, Shiro insists that Drew doesn't have to put his life on the line for them. Drew says he's doing it for Vicky. When Shiro asks if she would want her brother risking his life, Drew makes it clear that his mind is made up and that Shiloh and Donna will be escorting him to the complex later on. Shiro walks away, telling Drew not to be surprised if it's his funeral next.

Attending Annette's funeral are Henry, Elaine, Penny, Rachel, Angie, Javier, Jai, Donna, Georgie, Calvin, Peter, Beatrice, Aimi, Shiloh, Ben, Dwayne, Waylon, Felicia, Mark and two unnamed residents of Midway. Henry delivers a speech, where he states that Annette showed so much strength as she soldiered on in silence in spite of everything she was going through. At this point, Donna walks away from the service. In the pub nearby, Sean hears a noise outside and believes it to be Jai. He walks outside to confront him only to be grabbed by a zombie. Donna saves him by shooting it dead. She then remarks that his new lease of life didn't last long and tells him harshly to get his shit together as it's pathetic to watch. Sean asks for a hand home, but Donna refuses, and responds "saving your life wasn't enough?" The two make their way towards Midway.

Sean walks to the funeral just as Penny as telling the group how Annette became a surrogate mother to her after she lost hers. Henry tells Sean to head home, but he refuses, and continues to stay even after his friends advice him to go. Sean decides to deliver an eulogy of his own. He says "Whilst it may have seemed that our recently departed Annette was a kind, thoughtful, selfless woman, the opposite was in fact true. Long story short, she lured me in and spat me out. I hope the lying, manipulative witch rots in-" but he doesn't finish his sentence as Jai walked up behind him and knocked him out with his gun. Standing over Sean's body, an angered Jai says "get him upstairs."

In Victoria, Alexis faces the wrath of the angry residents who are up in arms to discover that Michael will be holding the dead in his lab to conduct experiments. Alexis assures them that they have safety procedures in place including very strong fencing and an armed team to watch the lab at all times. Eventually, with the help of Bernadette, the residents come round. To appease the residents even further, Alexis tells them she wishes to form a council of people who will help her in making decisions. She chooses Bernadette, Howie and Monty, all of whom accept her offer. The meeting is then adjourned. Luke congrats Bernadette as they walk away. She gleefully tells him that Alexis's days of leading are numbered. She then remarks how Derrick could be going home to eat dinner with them rather than lying dead in a ditch if he had been wise enough to listen to her.

Having over-heard, Charlotte and Bobby are distressed to hear about the zombies being kept within the walls of Victoria. Charlotte suggests that maybe it's time they hit the road.

Alexis enters the infirmary to find Michael and Coleman in the midst of a conversation. Alexis scolds Michael for not being outside to deal with the angry residents and says she could have done with his help. When she asks what Michael and Coleman are talking about, Michael says it's patient-doctor confidentially. Coleman agrees and then leaves. Alexis asks what's going on and if he's fine health-wise. Michael assures her he is. He claims to have heard the last part of her speech and says he's shocked she's created a council and given away some power. Alexis confesses that she only did it to appease the survivors and says Monty is influential and persuasive so he could come in handy, Howie is a busy-body and a nuisance so him believing he has some power might make him less of a hassle for Alexis and she then says Bernadette has shown herself to be loyal to her and has gone out of her way to be in Alexis's good books. She states Bernadette is the biggest threat of them all.

Catelyn tells Zahra she thought Alexis came across as power-hungry to her but considering she's set up a committee, she may have misjudged her. Zahra merely responds with "we'll see." The ladies are approached by Coleman, who wishes to talk to Catelyn alone. She tells him that Zahra "knows," meaning they can talk in front of her. Coleman says he has spoken to Michael and that he wishes to talk to Catelyn when the time is right and he also felt that what Catelyn disclosed to Coleman should be kept discreet from everybody else, including Alexis as Michael isn't sure what she would do if she found out. Catelyn agrees. After Coleman departs, Zahra asks if they can be trusted. Catelyn says Michael and Coleman seem look good men. Zahra admits it's not them she's worried about.

Sean regains consciousness in the communal area of Midway with Jai standing over him. He claims Jai has a powerful punch on him and says that he thought if he had one friend in this world, it was him. Jai makes it clear that he knocked him out because he is his friend and that he was closed to getting himself banished, but Sean doubts this. Jai assures Sean that he has angered a lot of people and he was lucky he didn't cause guns to go off. He tells Sean to stay where he is and sober up some more, and vows that he will find out how hard he can really punch if Sean was to wonder off and start drinking again. Sean jokingly says "I love you, too" as Jai leaves.

Meanwhile, Peter pleads with Henry to give Sean the benefit of the doubt. Henry apologises for being firm, but says he now has a lot of angry people to deal with and that he can't afford hostility among his people. He tells Peter that Sean has one more chance.

Close-by, Shiloh and Donna prepare to escort Drew to Midway. Shiro approaches Drew, wishes him luck and tells him to watch his back. Drew smiles and says thanks before leaving. Aimi walks over to Shiro and asks if he's OK. He tells her he's fine.

By the garden in Midway, Calvin approaches Georgie and asks what's troubling her. She admits she's embarrassed by Sean's behaviour. Calvin explains that Sean is a sick man and that it's the alcohol which is causing his actions. Georgie says she hopes Calvin and the others don't think any less of her group. He insists they don't and says that Georgie is quite a hit with people, most of all him. He then feels awkward and begins to mumble and Georgie silences him by kissing him on the lips. She then tells him to learn when to stop talking.

Lorna is spying on Victoria via a telescope on a nearby building overlooking the complex. Eli, who she hallucinates, watches her and asks if she's worried that Lydia-Jean has got cold feet and won't go through with her mission. She tells him she'll be getting inside with or without Lydia-Jean's help. Eli then brings up Beatrice and says he wonders what she's up to right now. Lorna gets angry and tells him to shut up. Eli points out she's the one who brings him here, and thus it's actually her wondering about Beatrice. He tells her she's the one who has abandoned her own child. Lorna is furious and and says she can't put up with this today. Eli remarks that he's made his point and thus he "walks away." After his hallucination vanishes, Lorna sits down, visibly upset.

Alone in the bedroom of the house she's staying in, Lydia-Jean talks to herself and admits she is having second thought's about doing what Lorna has asked, citing the fact that there are good people in Victoria as well as children and a pregnant woman. Just then, Alexis enters. Having not overheard, she asks Lydia-Jean for an update. She is told that Charlotte and the others seem to trust her but she hasn't witnessed them talking or plotting against her, but believes the might not trust her. Alexis double-checks that the fact she's her niece has remained a secret. Lydia-Jean confirms it has. They are unaware that Bernadette is outside, listening. She smiles and heads downstairs. Lydia-Jean then requests that she, Charlotte, Bobby and Luke become supply runners for the town. Alexis says she'll think about it. Alexis goes downstairs as Bernadette is scolding Daniel and Shannon, as part of a ruse to convince her she has been downstairs the entire time. Once Alexis is gone, Bernadette brushes off the questions from the confused kids and tells them to read their books.

On their way to Victoria, Shiloh tells Drew if he's sure he's right to not be afraid of Alexis. Drew asks if they can walk in silence, which Donna seconds.

In Midway, Peter tells Jai and Aimi that Sean has one more chance. Jai is adamant that he will get Sean back on the straight and narrow. After Jai leaves, Aimi asks Peter if he's all right. He admits that trying to keep Henry happy, dealing with Sean and wondering if Lorna has gotten herself killed is all starting to get a bit much for him. Aimi hugs Peter and says that she and the others are there for him. Angie watches the hug from afar.

Lydia-Jean tells Luke the good news that they might become supply runners for the town. Luke is happy about this but tells her it might just be them two as Charlotte and Bobby have said they're going to take out the undead in Michael's lab. Lydia-Jean is horrified and hurries from the house, shouting to Luke that they need to stop them.

Charlotte and Bobby get inside Michael's lab without resistance. They are disgusted to see the undead locked up. After coming to the conclusion that even if they take out all the zombies, they'll only be replaced sooner or later, they decide to leave, but Bobby spots a young girl zombie. Refusing to leave a child in such a state, Charlotte fires her arrow into its head, killing it. Just then, Alexis enters alongside Michael, Jenson, Steph and Alvin. Alexis is outraged that they have gone against her rules. Charlotte says they only took out the child, but Alexis claims they didn't have the authorisation. Charlotte and Bobby attempt to leave, but Jenson, Steph and Alvin raise their weapons at them. Charlotte threatens them with her bow, but Alexis reminds her that she has three guns pointed at her. Alexis says she gave them both shelter and jobs when they needed it and this is how they repay her. Alexis orders Jenson to strip them of their weapons and lock them up in one of the basements, much to their surprise. Michael begins to talk Alexis around doing this, but Alexis interrupts him immediately and says her decision is final.

When the residents see Charlotte and Bobby being escorted to the basements, Alexis explains to them that she was serious when she meant that Michael's lab is off-limits and says that they should be a lesson to everybody else. Lydia-Jean approaches Alexis and asks what will happen to them. Alexis reveals that she is going to lie to the townspeople and claim that Charlotte and Bobby had intentions of releasing the undead to attack the complex. Lydia-Jean is stunned by this and is angered when Alexis hints she will talk the council into giving them the death penalty. Alexis promises Lydia-Jean that she still has a place in the community and then leaves. Luke comes over as Lydia-Jean vocally rants about Alexis to herself, where she says she will indeed support Lorna and let her into the complex. Luke is confused. Lydia-Jean says "Let’s go back home. I’ll tell you everything."

Shiro approaches Angie and asks if there's any sign of Shiloh or Donna returning home. She confirms there isn't. Shiro states his belief that it's stupid to send someone into the complex. Angie partly agrees, and says it's risky as they know what Alexis is like. Shiro claims that Drew acts tougher than he is. Angie points out that's something he and Drew have in common. She then says that she's sure his fine. Out of no where, Angie asks Shiro if Aimi knows he's gay. Shiro is stunned and taken aback but doesn't deny it. He says he hasn't told Aimi but not because he's ashamed, he states he just didn't feel as if it was important considering everything that's going on. Angie smiles kindly at him and says it was never important anyway.

Charlotte and Bobby are infuriated to be locked up. Bobby wonders what Alexis will do to them. Charlotte says she will likely dispose of them. When Bobby says she surely wouldn't go that far, Charlotte reminds him of Vicky. The two take a seat as Charlotte tells Bobby that even without their weapons they can still do damage and they will have to fight. She then jokes "is it a bad time to mention I’m claustrophobic?"

As Drew heads into the complex, a nervous Shiloh watches with Donna from afar. She tells him to calm down and says that Drew is smart and they should give him a chance. Inside, Jenson tells Alexis of a newcomer but explains that he is from Midway as he and Matt spotted him in the woods with Shiro several days earlier. Alexis realises they must be sending someone in to infiltrate them. She goes out to meet him and immediately has him taken prisoner. Shiloh and Donna are angered and shocked to see Drew apprehended, but they're left with no choice but to leave for Midway without trying to help him.

As Sean awakes from a nap, Georgie enters and lectures him over his behaviour. She insists on gathering the town tomorrow and having Sean apologise to everybody for gatecrashing Annette's funeral. She then asks why he thinks Annette set out to hurt him and reminds him that had she told him about her illness, he would have treated her differently, which is something she didn't want. Georgie goes further and says that Annette's illness was nobody else's business but hers and that he shouldn't be offended, he should be honoured she spent so much of her last moments alive with him when she already had a good group of friends in Midway. Georgie then mentions how her days are most likely numbered due to her diabetes and that everybody treats her differently because of it. Sean denies this, but Georgie is adamant it's true. She says she doesn't get offended as people mean well, but whilst she's alive she's going to continue to live and build relationships and do things for herself. As she walks out, she says that if people don't like it then they can go fuck themselves. Sean is impressed by her rant, and says to himself "that’s me told."

Shiro speaks to Henry and asks for permission to go and find Shiloh and Donna as they should be back by now. Henry admits they should have returned but insists he isn't worried because if there's three people who can handle themselves it's Shiloh, Donna, and Drew. He says if they're not back by dark, he'll send out a team. Just then, Dwayne enters and breaks the news that Shiloh and Donna are back, and that they don't look happy.

Meanwhile, an angry Drew shouts to be let out of his cell. He turns around and spots Charlotte and Bobby and rudely asks who they are.

Sean bumps into Javier who asks if he's going to cause trouble. Sean says he's not and asks where Peter is. Javier tells him that he's with Henry. Sean then heads there, and states he has some apologising to do.

Shiloh and Donna tell Henry, Peter, and Shiro that Drew was taken prisoner by Alexis immediately after entering the complex. Henry is angered and Shiro is immensely worried. Henry realises Alexis and her people have also been monitoring them. Picking a wrong time to come in, Sean enters, but Henry and Shiloh rudely tell him to go away. When Sean stays put and says he has something to say, Henry makes it clear he's not listening to a word after the way Sean behaved earlier. He then calls him a buffoon and a joke who will get people killed. Sean is furious by this and says he was going to apologise but says "fuck it! Fuck the lot of ya!"

Henry gets in Sean's face and the two have an argument, where Sean makes it clear that Henry can't keep people safe. Henry retorts that at least he has people to protect. Sean gets personal and says "you’re right there, son. You have. But not Karen, eh?" This infuriates Henry and Shiloh. The former punches Sean and the latter raises his gun. Sean stumbles to the floor. Henry tells him he's not welcome anymore and he has to leave Midway.

Peter follows Sean outside, who is still on the ground. Sean says "He thinks he can keep you all safe… bloke ain’t got a fucking clue… ‘cause it don’t matter, does it? We’re all fucked. Doesn’t matter how fast you run… or for how long… it gets ya, Peter. Death gets ya. All too soon." He then falls unconscious as Peter stands over him, looking sad.


  • Crystal (Flashback)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • First appearance of Zahra.
  • First appearance of Catelyn.
  • First (and last) appearance of Crystal. (Flashback)
  • First (and last) appearance of Mikayla. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Karen Jones. (Flashback)
  • Yvonne, a previously unnamed, non-speaking survivor at Victoria, is named in this episode.
  • Sean sings 'Danny Boy' in this episode, a song most closely associated with Irish communities.
  • This episode features the most character appearances with almost every recurring character of the season making an appearance, as well as former notable characters making a cameo due to the episode being the twenty-fifth, a quite significant number.
  • The title of this episode refers to conflict and trouble beginning to unfold between Sean and Henry, and the beginning of tensions between Victoria and Midway when Drew is apprehended as a spy.
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