Name Trudy
Age 35-38 (at time of death)
Gender Female
Safe and Sound
Now. Before. After. (Alive)
End of This Place (Zombified)
Profession Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Killed by zombies
Ethnicity African-American
Safe and Sound to
Now. Before. After.

Trudy is a minor character and survivor in The Last Ones.


Little to nothing is known about Trudy's life before the outbreak other than she possibly lived in Summerlyn City.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Nothing is known about Trudy's time surviving the early days of the apocalypse, other than at some point, she turned up in Victoria.

Safe and SoundEdit

Trudy first appears in the background as Alexis and Victoria, the leader of the housing complex, welcome a new group to the town. It's revealed Trudy was one of the first to join the town.

The Olive BranchEdit

Trudy attends Victoria's funeral in the early hours of the morning.

The next night, Trudy is also present as Alexis addresses her people and reveals she is naming the complex Victoria, after her late friend.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

A few days later, a feast takes place. Before it starts, a coup takes place where Derrick and several other survivors attempt to strip power from Alexis. Their attempts fail however and Derrick and is shot and killed. When Trudy asks Alexis if she had to kill him, she reveals she did as he threatened everything they have in their safe haven and that behavior like he showed won't be tolerated.


Trudy appears in the background in this episode talking to Monty, Monika and Paul.

Trouble BrewingEdit

Alexis faces the wrath of the angry residents who are up in arms to discover that Michael will be holding the dead in his lab to conduct experiments. Alexis assures them that they have safety procedures in place including very strong fencing and an armed team to watch the lab at all times. When Bernadette defends Alexis, Trudy asks how she can support keeping the dead in the complex when she has children with her. Eventually, with the help of Bernadette, the residents come round. To appease the residents even further, Alexis tells them she wishes to form a council of people who will help her in making decisions. She chooses Bernadette, Howie and Monty, all of whom accept her offer. The meeting is then adjourned.

She later witnesses the arrest of Charlotte and Bobby after they break into Michael's lab.

Last OrdersEdit

Trudy doesn't appear in this episode but she is presumably inside her house and out of harm's way as Lorna infiltrates the complex and allows dozens of undead inside.

The StandEdit

After the situation at Victoria is handled, Alexis hides herself away, distraught by Michael's death. Bernadette and Howie take control and collect all the undead bodies for burning. Trudy says the people they've lost should be buried.

Seconds OutEdit

The following day, Trudy attends the funerals for the dead Victorians. Later, Trudy defends Alexis when Bernadette and Howie try to arrange a leadership vote, but upon learning of Lydia-Jean's role in helping Lorna get inside the complex, Trudy votes for Bernadette. Just then, Blaine and his people enter and he reveals a new way of life for the residents as Alexis is now head of a dictatorship.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Trudy and Coleman assist in the delivery of Catelyn's son. Trudy then sees Alexis come over to congratulate Catelyn. Later, a feast is thrown to celebrate the birth, which Trudy attends.

No DemocracyEdit

Trudy is eating alongside Monty, Howie, and Yvonne when Blaine has Paul brutally beaten in the middle of town for stealing from the pantry. Later, after discovering Blaine has kidnapped young Shannon in order to try and scare Bernadette into not going through with an escape, Trudy is disgusted and agrees to join them. However, things go badly wrong when Catelyn is shot by Steve and he is then beaten to death by Zahra. Trudy is locked up in a basement alongside Zahra and Jasmin after being caught.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

After being locked up in a basement overnight, Zahra begins banging on the door. Blaine comes down and said when he told her previously to stop, he meant it. He tells her Catelyn is still being treated and refuses to let her see her. He leaves.Trudy tries to assure Zahra that Catelyn will be all right as Coleman is a gifted doctor.

One Fell SwoopEdit

As Blaine heads into the basement to fetch Jasmin so she can become a spy at Midway, Zahra asks on Catelyn's condition. He insensitively tells Zahra she's dead. She lashes out at him but he kicks her to the floor. An outraged Trudy rushes to help her up.

Now. Before. After.Edit

When Victoria is overrun by the undead due to Donna driving through a gate and luring them in, Blaine goes down to the basement where Trudy and Zahra are being held prisoner. Trudy asks what's happening. Blaine replies it's a long story, but Zahra's about to get filled in on the situation. He pauses, seemingly remembering about her need of a cane to walk. He therefore says to Trudy it will have to be her, and he marches her upstairs, with the intention of forcing her to lure the zombies out of the compound. Blaine tells Trudy if she leads the horde out of Victoria and diverts them away, she will be allowed to return and her previous transgressions will be forgotten. A stunned Trudy is terrified and doesn't move, until Blaine makes it clear she doesn't have a choice. She runs into the crowd of undead and successfully leads them out.

End of This PlaceEdit

When a big gunfight takes place between Victoria and Midway, the horde is once again lured to the town, this time with Trudy as one among them, revealing she was killed by them sometime after she diverted them away. A zombified Trudy is shot dead by Bobby.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Trudy has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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