Owned by Mr. Franklin &
Mr. Groves (pre-apocalypse)
Alexis Norton (post-apocalypse)
Victoria Franklin (post-apocalypse)
30 named, unnamed others
Still, In Summerlyn
Status Active
Still, In Summerlyn
to present

Victoria also known as the Housing Complex is a large construction site in Summerlyn City.

General InformationEdit

Little is known about the housing complex's past but as it was being built and was in the finishing stages of construction and was just mere days away from a grand unveiling. The complex was a project owned by Mr. Franklin and Mr. Groves, two businessmen and property developers.

The construction was left vacant at the start of the apocalypse and weeks later, it was discovered by Mr. Franklin's daughter Victoria and her friend Alexis Norton, who went inside and took the compound for their own. Its high construction walls that surround the entire perimeter make it a perfect place to hide from zombies, thus making it a safetown in the middle of an overrun Summerlyn City.

More survivors were eventually let in to live in the complex. Alexis quickly become dominant and took the role of leader, leaving Victoria in the dark. The hostility and rivalry between the two former friends quickly turned deadly, culminating in Alexis refusing to intervene when a reanimated survivor attacked Victoria, eventually killing her. After her death, Alexis continued to let in more survivors and eventually decided to name the safetown after her the friend she secretly killed.

The town later faces a bomb scare when Eli Loche plants one nearby and threatens to detonate it. However the explosives are found by Richard Coleman, the town's doctor, and are disabled by Matt, a resident who worked in bomb disposal. Upon Eli's demise, Alexis reveals to several of her people that he no longer poses a threat and that Victoria will prosper.

The night after the bomb scare, Derrick, Jasmin, Tariq and Jason attempt a coup, where they turn up at a feast as Alexis is giving a speech and demands that she leave the complex immediately. Alexis refuses. The situation is eventually resolved and power is restored to Alexis when Jenson, who approaches the traitors from behind, shoots and kills Derrick, the leader of the resistance. Alexis makes it clear to all residents that even though Victoria can be home to all of them, Victoria is hers.

During a meeting between Alexis and the residents of Midway, including Peter Thompson and the safe-towns leader Henry Jones, a vengeful Lorna Thompson snuck into the complex after being aided by Lydia-Jean Norton. She let the undead out of Michael Lewis's new lab and also opened one of the gates of the town, allowing more undead inside. During this attack, the residents of Victoria lost Monika, Alvin and Steph, and Midway lost Sean O'Hara. Three prisoners Alexis was holding, Drew Franklin, Charlotte Layton, and Bobby de Luca, also escaped. Before fleeing, Lorna slits Michael's throat, killing him.

After the attack, Alexis's leadership is threatened when power-hungry Bernadette Delacroix tells the residents about Lydia-Jean being Alexis's niece, which she kept a secret. Bernadette is chosen as leader, but Blaine Monteghue and his group enter after being recruited by Alexis. He declares they will all be living under a dictatorship led by Alexis.

Almost four months on, the community celebrate when Catelyn gives birth to a baby boy, the first child to be born in Victoria.

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  • The housing complex is the only known stronghold and safe place in Summerlyn City, now that the Swimming Center has been abandoned.
  • Victoria has appeared more often than any other location in the series, having appeared in seventeen episodes to date.
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