Name Victoria "Vicky" Franklin
Age 27 (at time of death)
Date of
October 12th, 1986
Date of
Summer 2014
Gender Female
Profession Heiress (pre-apocalypse)
Family Mr. Franklin (father, likely deceased)
Drew Franklin (brother)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Mauled by zombie.
Left to die and finished off by
Alexis Norton.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Desperation to Clash
I’m sick of you talking down to me, underestimating me, thinking I’m useless! I’m not useless! I’m strong! Much stronger than what even I gave myself credit for! You think you can rule over me? Tell me what to do? Beat me down? Well, you’re wrong! I’m not gonna take it anymore! I’m not!

Victoria Franklin explaining her own personal growth to Alexis Norton, where she makes it clear she isn't going to be pushed around anymore, just moments before her death.

Victoria Franklin is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. She has been shown so far to be a rather helpless, spoilt character who has survived as long as she has through pure luck and chance. However, she soon grew into someone who stepped up and attempted to face the reality of the world she was living in.


Little is known about Victoria's early life, other than her brother was Drew Franklin and their father was a very rich businessman. The family were devoted Catholics and did a lot of charity. Victoria was best friends with Jack Lucas throughout her life, and it was a friendship that started in pre-school.

At some point, Victoria was given a penthouse in Summerlyn City by her father.

It's also been mentioned that she and Jack knew or were friends with Alexis Norton, Angie de Luca and Maddison Collins before the apocalypse.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Victoria mentioned that on the day the outbreak hit Summerlyn, she had a breakfast with her father, who left shortly after for a meeting. He didn't return.

At some point, Victoria was joined at her haven in the penthouse by Alexis, Angie, Jack and Maddison, who she took in.


Victoria makes her first appearance in the penthouse as she informs Alexis that Angie and Maddison haven't returned from their supply run. Alexis coldly remarks that there's nothing they can do and that the girls are on their own. Jack is far more sympathetic to Victoria's worries. She admits to him that she has never been face-to-face with a zombie, and Jack responds that she should consider herself lucky. When Jack asks about her family, Victoria opens up and mentions that she hadn't seen her brother in months by the time the apocalypse and that she last saw her father during breakfast on the day the outbreak told hold in Summerlyn. Moments later, Angie and Maddison return shaken but unscathed from an unsuccessful supply run. Alexis suggests that the group try their luck out on the road, which Victoria strongly disagrees with and she is adamant that she won't be leaving. Angie interrupts the debate and goes to bed.

Upon waking up some hours later in the middle of the night, Angie returns to the living area to find Victoria and the others being held at gunpoint by a man called Eli Loche. A terrified Victoria cradles herself by Jack's feet and the two of them and Maddison sit fearfully and do nothing as Angie tries to escape and as Alexis makes a vain attempt at attacking Eli. Victoria is then placed in the master bedroom alongside Angie, Jack and Maddison. The following day, Victoria nervously paces around the room and asks Jack and Maddison for advice on what they can do. Jack remarks that Eli and his men might just want the penthouse, but Victoria makes it clear that the penthouse is hers and she wants it back.

Into The CityEdit

The following day, Victoria and the others overhear a conversation between Donald and Amar, two of Eli's men, where it becomes apparent that Donald has sympathy for the prisoners. Alexis remarks to the others that he is their ticket to escaping. Later on, Eli announces to the prisoners that he is leaving the penthouse for a few hours. When Alexis insults him, he violently attacks her as Victoria watches on in horror.

Shortly after, Angie manages to convince Donald to help them escape. Victoria asks if she can pack some belongings before they go, which the others abrasively shoot down. The group and Donald make their way downstairs, only to be stopped by an armed Sid. The hostages are once again locked up and Donald is later murdered.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

The following day, The prisoners gather and talk about what they think Eli will do to them. Alexis says that he is enjoying toying with them and that he's going to carry on doing so until he decides to kill them. Jack gets upset and while the other girls attempt to comfort him, Alexis tells him to get a grip. Victoria mentions Donald and asks the others what they think happened to him. Angie reminds her of the screaming they heard the night before and insists that Eli must have killed him. Angie expresses her guilt as she blames herself for his death. Alexis coldly remarks that at least with him gone there's one less person to worry about, which angers Angie.

Later in the day, Terry throws Donald's decapitated head into the room as a message from Eli after the escape attempt, much to the horror of the prisoners. It does, however, inspire the group to make a break-out attempt as a few hours later they make a lot noise to summon Sid into the room. Angie knocks him out and then she and Alexis go downstairs to confront Eli while Victoria remains behind with Jack and Maddison.


Alexis fetches Victoria, Jack and Maddison after the conflict with Eli is temporarily postponed due to zombies entering the building. Victoria comes across Peter Thompson and his group and remains reluctant to leave the penthouse and to go with them, but she is left with no alternative and is therefore forced to do so. She then meets Shiro Kato, Aimi Kato, Sean O'Hara and Charlotte Layton, friends of Peter's who have been fighting to keep the zombies at bay. Victoria tells them all about a back exit which they can use to escape, but before they can leave, Maddison is bit by the undead and they're left with no choice but to leave her, much to Victoria's upset.

Upon discovering that both exits are impassable, the group take a minute to figure out a plan. Eli inadvertently runs into them and when he flees, Alexis and Jack go after him. Victoria tells Peter and the others about a fire exit, which they all then use to escape the overrun building.

After making it out of the building, the survivors stop off in woods close to the city as they prepare to leave Summerlyn. Victoria begs the survivors to help her look for Alexis and Victoria, but they refuse. Eventually, Alexis turns up and breaks the news of Jack's death, which deeply upsets Victoria. She then reveals that she will be staying near the city with Alexis, despite Angie's warnings of it being suicide. Victoria and Alexis then walk away from the group, to venture on as a duo.

Still, In SummerlynEdit

Days after escaping the penthouse and parting ways with Peter's group, Alexis and Victoria hide from a large group of zombies in a garage deep in the city. They discuss their next move. Alexis says that they will wait until the undead moves on elsewhere before they move out. The two then press each other and Alexis demands to know the real reason why Victoria defied Angie's offer and remained in the city. She eventually confesses that her father had a housing complex being built at the start of the outbreak and that the construction walls still surrounded the perimeter, and as such, would be a perfect place for a safe haven if it was free of zombies and people. Alexis is excited and surprised by the prospect and decides to help Victoria search.

Alexis and Victoria begin their search to find the compound. When Alexis continues to be cruel and mocking, Victoria tells her to stop being mean, but that only seems to make Alexis more irritable. When they spot a zombie on the same bridge, Alexis refuses to deal with it and instead insists that Victoria step up to the plate and kill one for the first time. Victoria goes to do it, but quickly chickens out, however the zombie grabs her and pulls her to the floor. Victoria screams for Alexis to help, but she just stands and watches coldly.

At the edge of Summerlyn City's river, Alexis tries to talk to Victoria, who is furious for almost getting her killed. Alexis points out that she managed to take out the zombie eventually without her help, but Victoria is still cross. The two then have a fiery row, where Victoria admits that she's puzzled by Alexis's coldness and how she acts as if her husband, Stephen, never existed. This visibly angers Alexis, who tells Victoria to shut up. They then stop rowing and move out to continue their search. Unbeknownst to them, Jesse, a spy for Eli, watches them from the trees above.

Eventually, they find the compound and an excited Victoria gets them inside. Alexis is in shock to see the incredible and safe housing complex in front of her, which now belongs to just them.

Later that night, Alexis and Victoria finish searching the housing complex and are in amazed by how lucky they are. The two women then apologise to each other. Alexis then comments that they've discovered a goldmine. They remain unaware that watching from the roof of a building from afar, is Eli.

Safe and SoundEdit

Out in the ruins of Summerlyn, Alexis saves Richard Coleman, Steph and Jeff, three survivors who are under attack by zombies. She leads them into the housing complex. They're introduced properly to Alexis and Victoria, whom Alexis silences when she tries to act as co-leader. Alexis invites the trio in and they agree to stay.

Later that night, Victoria pays a visit to Alexis in one of the temp offices, where she has set up a home and an office. She asks her why she's staying there when there are four vacant houses right outside. Alexis tells her she prefers to keep her distance and have her own quarters, especially if they're going to let more people in. Victoria asks why exactly they're going to let others in. Alexis tells her they're going to build a community as there's safety in numbers from threats like Eli and the zombies.

When Alexis takes a seat behind her desk, Victoria becomes angry and asks why she's acting like some sort of headmistress. Alexis assures her it's just a formality and that they'll need a structure if they hope to get the town functioning and somebody has to be in charge. Victoria demands to know why it should be her as the complex belonged to her father and she points out that Alexis isn't exactly a people person. Victoria tries to argue the point that the complex should rightfully belong to her as her father is most likely dead. Alexis sarcastically tells her to appoint a lawyer. The two continue to argue, culminating in insults and even threats. Victoria storms out and leaves.


A few days on from their row, Alexis bids Victoria goodbye as she prepares to head out with a group of others to track down Michael Lewis, a pathologist both she and Victoria went to college with. Victoria is dubious that Michael will even be found alive, but Alexis is confident. When Victoria asks Alexis why she's being nice all of a sudden, Alexis tries to assure her that they've settled things. Victoria reminds her that they haven't settled anything and that Alexis just took control. Alexis tells Victoria she doesn't want them to fall out again and asks if she'll hold the fort until she returns. She then walks away as Victoria stares after her icily.

Shortly after, Victoria pays Coleman a visit in his new infirmary and asks what he's up to. He reveals he's putting an inventory together of everything they will need in order to have a functioning infirmary. Victoria then reveals she's heading out of the complex, which Coleman tries to dissuade her from doing. Victoria takes his advice personally and asks if Alexis has pointed out how incompetent she is. Coleman denies that but states that it's not safe outside the walls for anybody on their own. Victoria ignores his warnings and asks for a favour: to cover for her should Alexis return before she does. Coleman is reluctant to get involved and lie, but eventually concedes when Victoria pleads. She then leaves, without answering his questions on where she is going. Victoria then makes her way to her destination, which is revealed to be the survivors camp.

Victoria nears the survivor's camp with a group of zombies on her tail. They are taken out by a patrolling Charlotte, who scolds her almost bringing the undead right to their camp. Charlotte asks Victoria if Alexis is with her as she doubts she will be welcome. Victoria assures her she isn't but that Alexis is the reason she's come. Charlotte lowers her bow and asks Victoria what she wants. She reveals that she needs to speak to Angie. Upon arriving in camp, Angie enthusiastically greets her old friend.

Victoria fills the main group of survivors in on Alexis's recent behaviour. She also reveals the real reason she stayed in the city with Alexis was to try and find the housing complex, which she knew would serve as a great safe haven. Sean and Shiro are angered she kept it to herself and didn't tell them. Victoria makes it clear that she didn't owe them anything, but Shiro reminds her that they kept her alive that night in the city. Angie tells them to back off and leave her alone. On the subject of Alexis, Victoria reveals that she is letting survivors into the complex in order to build up an army of people who are loyal to her. Joy, Aimi and Georgie ask what this has to do with them and Victoria points out that she would cause problems for them eventually. Angie backs her up and says with enough power and men at her disposal, she could become a problem. Peter then offers his assistance to Victoria and promises her that if she ever needs help then she can come back to their camp and they'll do anything they can to help. Victoria calls them good people and thanks them, and then says goodbye to Angie as she prepares to make her way back to the city.

As she arrives back into Summerlyn, Victoria stops and panics as she sees two zombies heading straight for her. Realising she has to step up and take them out in order to live, she pulls out her knife and subdues them. She then walks away, declaring that she can and will survive.

When Victoria returns to the complex, she finds Alexis standing alongside Coleman and Michael. When Alexis angrily demands to know where Victoria has been, Michael decides to take his leave and see himself into one of the houses. He tells Victoria he'll catch up with her tomorrow. After he leaves, Alexis demands an explanation from both Coleman and Victoria. Coleman insists he didn't want to lie but he also didn't want to be rude to Victoria, who asked him for a favour. He asks if he can go and get some sleep and Alexis says yes.

Victoria begins to walk away to go to bed, but Alexis is insistent on knowing where she went. She smugly reveals that she went to Peter's camp and told them everything about what she was up to and that they agreed to help her should she ever need them to. Alexis is outraged and says that Peter and the others could be on their way to their safe complex now. Victoria gets angry and makes it clear to Alexis that she is sick of her talking down and underestimating her and that she's stronger than what either of them thought she was.

As Victoria makes it clear she'll be standing up to Alexis from now on, a zombified Jeff approaches her from behind. Alexis tries to warn her, but he grabs Victoria and pulls her to the floor. She drops her knife as she falls. Alexis raises her gun to kill Jeff, only to coldly lower her gun and do nothing. Victoria begs for help but when Alexis refuses, she instead asks to have her knife kicked over to her as she can take them out herself now. Again, Alexis does nothing to intervene. Victoria is hysterical as Jeff bites into her chest, sealing her fate. Michael, Coleman and several other survivors rush to the scene. Alexis then raises her gun and shoots Jeff in the head, killing him. A mortally wounded Victoria begins to plead with Alexis, who without saying a word, fires a bullet into her face, killing her instantly. Alexis then lowers her gun and coldly walks away, leaving behind the stunned, traumatised survivors and Victoria's motionless body.

The Olive BranchEdit

In the early hours of the morning after Victoria's death, Alexis and several residents of the housing complex gather outside the walls for a burial. Michael speaks at the service and says that he used to know her well back in the day and that they used to ride to college on the same bus. Michael says she always made time for him, which was unusual for a girl so popular as he was considered a geek. He maintains that she was a sweet person, in spite of her privileged up-bringing. Michael admits he's never believed in the afterlife but points out he never believed in man-eating ghouls either. He expresses his hope that Victoria is with her father and the rest of her family. He then finishes up by saying "rest in peace, Vicky," as Alexis, her killer, stands blankly, without saying a word.

It's revealed Michael witnessed what really happened to Victoria and that he knows Alexis was responsible. He confronts her and the two argue, but eventually Michael decides to keep quiet.

Alexis later calls a town meeting and talks about Victoria and how none of them would be there if it wasn't for her. She then reveals her intention to name the complex after her, so she'll never be forgotten.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days on, during a meeting between Alexis and Peter outside the complex, Angie interrupts and angrily demands to know if Alexis killed Victoria. Alexis denies doing so, but Angie doesn't believe her. Peter tells Angie he understands why she's angry, but Vicky isn't what their meeting is going to be about. After being warned to step back by Jenson and Steph, Angie reluctantly does so, but tells Alexis she hopes Victoria is haunting her sleep.

Season TwoEdit


In this episode, Angie discovers that Midway resident Drew is Victoria's brother. He is eventually told of his sister's demise and the circumstances surrounding it by Shiro. Drew asks if she suffered. Shiro tells him her death wasn't drawn out.

Later, Drew offers to become a spy for Midway, where he can enter Victoria and spy on Alexis.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

When Alexis dreams of Michael some months after his death, he tells her "Vicky says hi."

End of This PlaceEdit

The town of Victoria comes to an end in this episode as Alexis's sins catch up with her. After a brutal fight between Angie and Alexis where the former comes out on top, Angie confronts Alexis over her terrible attitude regarding what she did to Vicky. Angie also says Victoria could have been something good, like Vicky wanted it to be. Instead Alexis ruined that opportunity because she wanted to play Queen. Alexis admits it wasn't worth it.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Victoria has killed:

  • Three zombies.


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