Winterhodge Again
Season 2, Episode 1
Winterhodge Again
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Old Friends, New Enemies
Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Jai Patil
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton*
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford*
Charlotte Layton
Bobby de Luca
Michael Lewis*
Lorna Thompson
Special Appearances
Joy Maybell
Milo Thompson
Big Pete**
Samantha Layton**
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.

You need to help me find Lorna.

–A mourning Peter Thompson to his friends.

"Winterhodge Again" is the first episode season two of The Last Ones and the seventeenth episode overall. It was published for the first time on July 18th 2016.


After the horrific death of Milo, Peter goes off alone to bury his son and mourn. Meanwhile, Jai, Shiro, and Javier return to camp and make a sad discovery. Elsewhere, Charlotte confesses everything to Bobby.


We see pictures of an abandoned restaurant, with a zombified waiter walking around as Angie describes through narration the memories she had of the restaurant, which she described as a happy place with an electric atmosphere. She spoke about one occasion they had there for her birthday, and that they were having a nice night. Angie was trying to talk her mother into allowing her a dalmatian puppy when Angie's father suddenly took a long, raspy breath and fell from his chair. As her mother screamed and a very young Bobby sobbed, Angie remarked that she just sat there as a waiter and a nurse from a nearby table tried to save him, to no avail, as he died of a powerful heart attack before he had even hit the floor.

Back in the present, a distraught Angie is seen beside Milo's body and says the night her father died was the worst thing she had ever experienced, until this. She wonders how Peter will ever get through it when she can't even cope with it, and she had never met the child. Jai and Javier talk her into getting some air.

Upstairs, Aimi asks Sean if he's all right. He angrily remarks that it's a stupid question, but he apologises and says it's not her fault. Angie and Javier make their way up, where they talk about the chilling scene downstairs. Sean states he's not going back down there. Peter walks in and passes the survivors without saying a word. Shiro enters behind him and tells the others that they changed the tires on their cars so they can make it back to camp by morning. Just then, Joel, one of Eli's followers, enters and is horrified when everyone, bar Peter, who doesn't turn around, aims their guns at him. He swears he was never a loyal follower to Eli and that he was forced to follow him and that Eli lied about a lot of things. He remains in danger however as Aimi recongies him as the man who was holding Lorna at gunpoint earlier that evening. Joel is stunned when Sean reveals that Eli killed a child. As Joel protests his innocence, he is shot in the head and killed. The survivors turn to see Peter with his gun raised. He coldly lowers his weapon and then walks away.

Out in the countryside, Bobby begins to get impatient with a non-responsive Charlotte, who wishes to walk in silence. Bobby refuses and demands to know what happened earlier and why she "did what she did to Eli's body." Charlotte reveals she had to see him burn, revealing she set fire to his body.

Back in Summerlyn City, Angie and Aimi discuss Peter's whereabouts. Jai enters and reveals he's putting Milo in a car and leaving. Angie hurries out, but Peter leaves. She panics that they might never see him again, but Jai says it's obvious where he's going: back to Winterhodge Hollow, to bury his son at home.

In a flashback set between The Acorn and Running From The Dead, where the group sent several days at Joyce and Gilbert's house. Lorna wakes Peter and fills him in on all the drama going on; from Shiro arguing with Sean for burning down The Acorn, to Aimi grieving over Ollie. Peter snaps and asks Lorna for five minutes to wake up properly. She understands and gives him some space. Sometime after, Joy enters and Peter opens up to her about his confusion about being seen as the leader after Ollie's death and how he can't have people dying being on him. Joy assures Peter that the group all work together and that they simply look to Peter to lead because he's a good man who seems able to handle it. Peter eventually agrees, and thanks Joy for the talk. Milo then enters and happily tells them that Georgie found playing cards in the attic and Sean's going to teach him to play poker. Peter and Joy go with him, to join in on the game.

Charlotte and Bobby arrive at the shack where Charlotte's mother was killed. Bobby asks Charlotte where they are and what they're doing, but she enters the shack without responding, much to Bobby's annoyance. He is approached by three zombies from behind. He notices them as they draw nearer and shoots them all dead. When he turns around, he sees Charlotte sitting outside beside the corpse of her mother. Bobby asks who the woman is. Charlotte ignores Bobby and asks him to fetch a shovel from inside the shack, as she can't face going back in there again. He does so.

Javier picks up on Angie's worry for Peter and remarks that she seems to care about him a great deal. She confirms she does, but makes it clear that she cares about everyone. Javier walks away.

Nearby, Aimi finds Shiro sitting on the edge of a high building and asks him if he wants to talk. He refuses. Aimi insists that they need to return to camp and check on Joy and the others, but Shiro assures her they're fine. Aimi tells Shiro he doesn't have to hide his feelings about Milo's death, as they're all upset. She asks if his mood is about Sid, Eli's follower whom he shot earlier that night and the first person he killed. Shiro corrects her, saying he's killed before. Aimi asks for clarification, but Shiro ignores her and instead talks about Milo, and says he was so mean to him as he thought he was annoying, when in fact he was a sweet kid. Shiro admits to Aimi that he always thought that if he saw Milo again, he'd apologise and try to bond with him, as there aren't many kids around nowadays. Shiro somberly says he wanted to like Milo, but he also wanted Milo to like him, but now he's dead. Aimi tries to reach out to her brother, but he asks for five minutes. She leaves him in peace.

In a bar somewhere close-by, Jai walks in to find Sean sitting on a bar-stool, with a drink in front of him. Jai asks if he's taken a drink, and Sean reveals he hasn't yet. Jai attempts to talk to Sean about what's happened, and Sean remarks "Oh, doing this again, are we? Chatting about our feelings in a watering hole? Exchanging woes?" Jai confirms they can if he likes, but Sean refuses, as he would rather just drink. Jai bluntly tells Sean that Milo is dead and he will remain so even once Sean has reached the end of the bottle. Sean admits he's right, but claims the booze will make him feel a lot better. Jai tries to assure Sean that Peter and the others need him, but when that falls on deaf ears, he brings up Sean's wife and son, who abandoned him because of his drinking, and he asks if he wants that to happen again. Sean stands and gets in Jai's face as he is infuriated that he is using that against him. Jai asks Sean if he's going to hit him. Sean confirms he's tempted, but sits back down to drink.

Jai, at the end of his tether, walks round the bar and promptly pours himself a glass. Sean is confused by this, as Jai doesn't drink, but Jai tells him that he whatever Sean does, he follows. Sean brings up his faith, but Jai says "I struggle to have faith in what I used to believe in, friend. Nowadays, the only thing you can depend on are the people you chose to ride this hell storm with."

Having finally seen sense, Sean tells Jai he doesn't know how Peter will ever get over his loss. Jai, having lost his own daughter, says he never will, but he will eventually find a way to cope with it. Sean calls Jai a walking angel, one who's too good for "this shitty world." Jai is touched and the two leave the bar together, with Sean remarking that Jai has resorted to blackmail to get his way. Jai remarks "Worked though, didn’t it?"

On the road back to Winterhodge Hollow, Peter passes a group of six zombies. Suddenly, he reverses back into shot, gets out the car, and shoots all of them dead. He stands briefly for a moment before returning to his car and driving off.

At the shack, an upset Charlotte sits beside the grave of her mother. Bobby is sympathetic but eager for information and to make a move. Charlotte tells Bobby to leave her and go off alone, but he is resistant and says he doesn't know where Angie and the others are. Charlotte says she doesn't either. Bobby suggests they head back to camp as it's where some of the group would likely to go. He also says he needs to check on Georgie and Beatrice. Charlotte refuses, and says she wouldn't be welcome. Bobby asks what happened and why she separated from the groups. Charlotte reassures him when he panics and asks if the others are dead, but she says Lorna might be dead because of her. When Bobby loses his temper and demands to know what's happened, Charlotte confesses that she was working with Eli and led the others into a trap. Bobby is outraged. Charlotte tries to explain, but he raises his gun at her. Charlotte tells him to go ahead and shoot, as she deserves it.

Jai and Sean re-group with Aimi, Shiro, Angie, and Javier. The group decide to split into two. Aimi, Sean, and Angie will go to Winterhodge to be with Peter whilst Jai, Javier, and Shiro will head back to camp to check on the others. They all agree to meet at camp at the same time tomorrow night.

Back at the shack, Charlotte asks Bobby to bury her alongside her mother once she's dead. Charlotte tells Bobby about her mother and how Eli used her and tricked her, using her mother as bait. Bobby lowers his gun. He reveals he shot and killed someone earlier. Charlotte points out he acted out of self-defense, but he says he used to watch cartoons and play Minecraft, and now he's a killer. He asks what's become of them all. Charlotte tells him that's a question he doesn't want an answer to. Bobby tells Charlotte if she can't go back to camp, then he's not either. Charlotte has an idea and walks away. Bobby follows and asks where they're going. Charlotte says she has somewhere in mind.

On their way to Winterhodge, Aimi asks Sean how much longer it will take to get there. He replies within an hour.

As Jai, Shiro, and Javier pull up to camp, Jai spots that there is no smoke from the campfire, and that something must be wrong. When they arrive, they are horrified to discover zombies feasting on bodies. Shiro yells for Joy, alerting the undead. He and Jai take them out as Javier investigates. Jai recongises the bodies as that of Eli's men, and spots their gunshot wounds, which gives him hope that they lost to their people and that they got away. As they wander in further to look for Javier, they're shocked and upset to find him holding Joy's motionless body. Javier confirms to them that she's dead.

At The Thompson house, Peter stares at a photograph of him holding Milo as a toddler. Angered, he throws the photo, picks up a chair and then chucks it across the room. He then collapses against the wall, falls to the floor and screams.

On their way to their destination, Bobby spots a lot of smoke coming from the distance in Summerlyn. He wonders if they should check out its source, but Charlotte says that would be a stupid thing to do as the fire would attract both zombies and people. Bobby admits he hadn't thought of that. Charlotte tells him he has to think about things if he wants to survive. She then walks off. He lingers a while before following.

Javier tells Jai and Shiro he didn't know Joy for long, but she was a good woman. Jai agrees and says that she was a friend for him when he needed one the most and that he never thanked her for that. Shiro angrily asks how she died. Jai is relieved that she has no bite marks, indicting the dead didn't get to her, but she has a gunshot wound. Enraged, Shiro screams "This was them!" as he walks over to Gus's body and begins to kick in his head. Javier tries to get him to stop, but Jai tells him to let him.

As Angie, Sean, and Aimi arrive at the Thompson house, Angie walks into the bedroom, to find Peter sleeping with Milo's body next to him. Angie asks how he is. Peter says nothing as he picks up Milo and walks outside, shutting the door behind him. Aimi says he wants to bury Milo alone. Angie wishes there was something they could do. Sean tells her there isn't. Aimi puts her hand on Angie's shoulder to comfort her.

Sometime after leaving camp, Javier returns and startles Jai. He tells them that there's no sign of Georgie, Beatrice, or any of the others. He also reveals that Shiro wandered off and refused to come back until he has found Beatrice. Jai says he hopes Georgie and Bobby can look after her well enough in the meantime. Javier assures him they can, and that Bobby's a smart kid who survived alongside him for weeks, unaware that Bobby isn't with them at all.

After Milo's burial, Peter stares at the ground and sheds a tear. After wiping his eyes, he is shocked to spot Milo's cat Jinx staring right at him. The cat walks over. Peter strokes him for a moment as Sean, Angie, and Aimi walk outside. Jinx then walks away. After not speaking for the entire episode, Peter tells his friends that they need to help him find Lorna. Angie replies "of course we will."

As Charlotte and Bobby travel, she tells him to keep his voice down as there are a lot of zombies around. Bobby is stunned when Victoria, Alexis's safe-town comes into view. He wonders why Charlotte wants them to stay there when she killed Vicky. Charlotte tells her that Alexis might have information about the whereabouts of the others and that Bobby can leave to find them after a night's rest. Bobby asks why Alexis would help them, Charlotte tells him that she killed Eli, and Alexis was happy about it. As they carry on, Bobby apologises to Charlotte for raising his gun at her and he tries to tell her that if Lorna was killed, it wasn't down to her as Eli tricked her. Charlotte talks about how she used to go hunting with her father, whom she hated, but he was right about her always rushing to get things done and not having any patience. She admits she took Eli out without thinking about the consequences it would have on Peter and the others, and so if Lorna has died, it is on her. When she notices that Bobby has gone quiet, she spins round and screams. She runs back to where they were walking and discovers an injured Bobby on the floor, as he was seemingly shot.


  • Joel
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • First (and last) appearance of Jinx.
  • Last appearance of Joel.
  • Last appearance of Samantha Layton. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Milo Thompson. (Flashback/Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Big Pete. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Cassie. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Ken. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Gus. (Corpse)
  • Lorna Thompson and Michael Lewis become main characters in this episode.
    • In spite of this, Michael is completely absent and Lorna only appears in a flashback.
    • Alexis and Georgie are also absent.
  • Even though they died in the previous episodes, Milo and Joy appear in both a flashback and as corpses in the present.
    • The corpses of Big Pete, Cassie, Samantha, Ken, and Gus are also seen.
  • Several members of the group (Peter, Aimi, and Sean) return to Winterhodge Hollow in this episode, for the first time since Running From The Dead, eleven episodes earlier. Angie visits there for the first time, having not joined the group until after they left town. The characters returning is where the title of the episode comes from.
  • Peter kills a living person for the first time in this episode.
  • Milo's pet cat, Jinx, appears in this episode for the first time, after being mentioned in the premiere of season one.
  • One of the zombies Peter kills on the road back to Winterhodge Hollow was the same zombie Aimi and Sean saw wandering near their overnight camp in Running From The Dead.
  • Bobby mentions the video game Minecraft.
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