Winterhodge Hollow
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Not So Sleepy Hollow
Old Friends, New Enemies
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Old Friends, New Enemies

Winterhodge Hollow is a small town featured in The Last Ones. In spite of its relatively petite size, it is a major location for the series and was featured heavily for the first five episodes of the first season.

General InformationEdit

Little to nothing is known about Winterhodge Hollow's origin but it's seen and described as a small town which appears to be gloomy but beautiful.

It appeared to be a very peaceful place as multiple families were known to reside there.

After the departure of the group of survivors led by Peter Thompson (due to the growing number of undead) the town is now presumably abandoned all-together. Peter returned some weeks after leaving to bury his son.

Notable PlacesEdit

Known InhabitantsEdit

  • Jinx - A cat who belonged to the Thompson family. He is the only known character to be living in the town.

Former ResidentsEdit

Newcomers post-apocalypseEdit



  • Jimmy Doyle's wife - Killed by the undead.
  • Jimmy Doyle's child - Killed by the undead.
  • Derek - Killed by the undead.
  • Jimmy Doyle - Killed by the undead in the pub The Acorn.
  • Ed - Killed by the undead in the cellar of his pub The Acorn.
  • Donna Hadlow - Killed by the undead.
  • Gilbert Evans - Killed by the undead. Passed away in his home.
  • Bill - Killed by the undead.
  • Franny - Bitten and killed by a zombie outside the Thompson house.
  • Ollie Graham - Killed by a group of undead outside the Winterhodge Hollow library.
  • Joyce Evans - Died by zombie bite, passed away in the Thompson house.
  • Dozens upon dozens of unnamed residents.


  • Winterhodge Hollow was the last known town to be affected by the undead as it seemed to be relatively unscathed for at least a month after the outbreak.
  • There are only three residents from Winterhodge Hollow confirmed to be alive.
  • Interestingly, the two main locations featured in the first season (Winterhodge Hollow and Summerlyn City) both have seasons in their name.
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