Winterhodge Hollow library
Owned by Winterhodge Hollow Council
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Every Inch Of Life
Status Abandoned
Not So Sleepy Hollow to
Every Inch Of Life

The Winterhodge Hollow library is a library located in the town center of Winterhodge Hollow.

General InformationEdit

Little is known about the origins of the building but it was presumably built early in the town's life as it is situated in the center. Seen close-by outside are restrooms and a large fountain.

After the outbreak, survivors from out of town, led by Ollie Graham, are forced to take refuge in the library due to the growing number of undead. They are soon joined by Peter Thompson and Sean O'Hara, who also seek shelter in the library. The duo ally with the group.

After being stuck in the library overnight, the group execute an escape plan. It runs smoothly until Ollie is killed by a group of undead.

The following night, Aimi Kato returns to the library alongside her brother Shiro and Peter in order to ensure that Ollie is put down in the event that he had turned. When it's revealed he did indeed reanimate, Aimi shoots him in the head and kills him.



  • Ollie Graham - Killed by a group of zombies by the entrance of the library.


  • The library was the first building to have a significant death.
  • Five main characters made their first appearance in the library, more than any other building or location.
  • Peter mentioned that his son, Milo, loved the library as he enjoyed stories and books.
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